The thought crossed my mind in sixth grade, it was the first year of Middle School and views on politics consisted basically of whatever Rush Limbaugh said because that’s who dad listened to. Doing the math, that would have put me at the age of 12 and it was 1994(ish), so President Clinton was just starting to turn tricks in the White House. Thoughts on what freedom really meant were swirling and I was asking the questions: What if drugs were legal? Why are they illegal? Why is half the stuff illegal that is illegal and does this mean we are not actually free?

Oh how the Ron Paul Revolution does bring back some distant memories…

Digging deeper into a past that seemed a step away from memories grave, this was also the first year finding herb in dad’s closet, while looking for porn mags (no porn in his closet–pre-internet days), with a friend and then attempting to smoke it. For the record, our inability to roll a joint resulted in us not getting high. After this experience there was a great moral conflict in how I saw my father. Does smoking weed make him bad? He’s a Defense Attorney afterall so my mind was blown. I remember really thinking about it after lunch on my way to recess. Knowing me, I probably told a couple friends just to get a firm grasp on the insanity and so my insecure self could sound cool, but I digress. My point is, this must be why I really started asking the basic questions of why laws exist that eat away our freedoms.

I remember arguing with a friend about whether drugs should be illegal or not. I argued with the kid all of the time because he wrestled and I played basketball–so we debated the difficulty of the sports. But in this case he said, “if drugs were legal more people would do it.” I argued the opposite, stating the case for freedom and spitting out some Amsterdam talking points (facts). I have no idea if my friend would now support decriminalization of drugs or not but I do know that my dad is wrestling with the issue of supporting Ron Paul or not.

In the last year I’ve been chiseling away trying to get my parents to buy into Ron Paul. Part of me was looking for validity for the candidate, part of me looking for validity of my parents. I knew I liked Paul and I knew I liked my parents but there is a piece of you that always feels foolish supporting any politician and always wanting to convince parents of things. My dad said Dr. Paul is the type of guy who said 9 smart things but then 1 that would make you say, “What the heck is he saying?” He concluded with, “But the man is not establishment, and with the way things are today maybe that’s what we need.” Later he objected to Paul’s commentary about Bin Laden but for us Paulbots…there is hope on the parental front.

What we Need
It is true that a non-establishment candidate is what we need. Anti-Paul liberals are usually the first to argue that he is establishment, while anti-Paul conservatives are the first to argue he is not electable because he is fringe. But my issues with Paul don’t have to do with whether he is establishment or whether he is electable, but rather, is he really leading an intellectual revolution? Many Paulbots seem to think he is leading a revolution and that he does have the philosophy needed to fix America. These people are setting themselves up for epic disappointment.

If you ask Paul himself, he’d probably tell you he’s simply facilitating an idea, like he’s the radio picking up a signal and broadcasting it to the world. Maybe he’s right and honest in hypothetically thinking this and maybe he does not want to consider himself the leader of the free world (if elected) or even of this crazy freedom idea.

Open Your Eyes
What we all need to wake up to is that there is a truth he is not talking about, nor any of the establishment candidates: No matter who gets elected things are going to radically change in the coming years.

The industrial age is not just going away lightly, it is collapsing all around us. The monetary system is junk. Our educational system–put a fork in it. The way we live, work and play–all soon to be extinct, buried in the ground never to be seen again unless humans die off and just a few of us are left to start over.

I’ve never heard Ron Paul discuss environmental issues. I don’t care what his views are on climate change. The cold hard fact is that there is nothing we can do about it and certainly there is no government that is going to stop it by giving tax breaks to the rich.

There is no energy policy that is going to control the massive pollution around the world. This would only be possible if consumerism died and people tossed their computers, turned off the TV and turned out the lights.

There is no crop that is going to prevent our oceans fish population from being raped, cause deforestation to turn to reforestation and McDonalds into McSavior. There is nothing any one person or government can do to save us from ourselves without the whole system completely collapsing. And for those who care, who don’t want to be zombies–the system is most certainly collapsing. The revolution is here, not because we want it but because it has kicked us in the balls and submerged our face in a toilet bowl full of clorox.

Revolution? REVOLUTION???!!! Fuck yes it’s a god damn revolution. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Go ahead, elect Mitt Romney or re-elect President Obama, it will only make the transition an even uglier event. When I was in 6th grade I began to realize something: the system is cocked. The TV had politicians with combovers spewing dumb dumb nonsense to the brainwashed. I was sucking it in but not inhaling. After all, I was only in 6th grade. Even though they knew how to roll it up for me my body refused intake. The whole system did not make sense but we were ok with it until now, as inevitable implosion is upon us. Well, here it is America.

Vote for Ron Paul people. And while you are at it, puff, puff, pass to the left and put yourself in a position to enjoy the show because if you think Ron Paul is crazy you ain’t seen nothing yet.