The Huffington Post and The Blaze are feeding the right-left paradigm, essentially becoming the Fox News/MSNBC of the web. They pose as representing opposite view points but the more you click, the more the similarities of the two are impossible to ignore.

The best part is the people who comment, clearly feeding into the paradigm, thinking their side is better than the other. The comments on HuffPo are generally progressives who think conservatives are racist, gun toting, bible thumping inbred fools. People on The Blaze think HuffPo is full of gays, anti-Israel socialist hippy hipster wannabe pansies. This is all generally speaking of course, but the hardcore Huff and Blaze folks certainly feel at home on those news blogs and think their side is better.

What really bothers me is that both blogs pose as an alternative news source but really are just shills for Democrats and Republicans mainstream establishment zombies. Huffington Post sold out to AOL for over 300 million recently and they have an Alexa rank of 22 in the Unites States, which generally  means they beat everyone in the U.S. except 21 sites. The Blaze ranks 350, which is also impressive. For anyone who cares, DeathRattleSports ranks in the 271,000 range, slipping from as high as 87000–not horrible–but putting us in the “H8ER” category. The DrudgeReport, who seem to have far less of an agenda, rank #74.  is currently #602.

The similarities between Huffington Post and The Blaze are most striking though and it begins immediately when you go to the websites. HuffPo is titled “Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post.” The Blaze is titled “Breaking news and opinion on The Blaze.” Notice the only differences beside the site name is that the fact that The Blaze did not capitalize as much. It is as if they said, “Let’s copy exactly what Arianna is doing, filter the propaganda a little more to our liking and let the Glenn Beck fish go crazy for the chum. By the way, in case you missed it, at last check Glenn Becks face appeared on the homepage of 24 times, which is must be some kind of narcissistic record in douchebaggery.

*It is important to note that HuffPo came first, so they should be flattered by the copycats.

The content of both can be infuriating. HuffPo paints all Tea Party peeps as nutjobs who want to go back to the days of yesterslave. The Blaze inks agenda about Occupy being nothing but lazy, dirty dumbasses. At face value, neither recognize the similarities the movements may have within them and the reasons they’ve popped up. Mainly, people are pissed and revolution is knocking at masters doorstep. Instead, they do everything they can to fit them into the right-left black hole of shallowness–and often times this helps make it reality. It’s the same thing the mainstream 24 hours political whores do and it’s disappointing every time I click to read.

The Blaze likes to play on the terrorism fears whenever possible. They are seemingly very much pro war, yet pro religion. In fact, Beck named the site after the Biblical story of Moses and the burning bush. HuffPo is obsessed with gay rights and looks to support legalizing  marijuana. They are also more anti-war but that is a bit murky at times. They both just play to their audiences, obviously, especially HuffPo who I don’t think have been nearly as critical of Obama as they should be if they believe what they write. The same goes for The Blaze, where just like the Dems/Repubs, the hypocricy is so extensive on both sides it’s not worth detailing.

Both sites write for clicks, keeping the money train coming. This usually means somewhere on the homepage there is an article about an iPhone or some other gadget for all of us morons to eat up. Pop culture plays a big role, increasingly with The Blaze and HuffPo owns it. These sites love to filter in the distractions for the herd, often leaving the real issues on the backburner, you know, just like the mainstream.

Going back to Alexa, some of Huffington Post’s top search queries include the following terms: sex, Penn State scandal, Kim Kardashian wedding, Scarlett Johansson nude,  Kim Kardashian divorce and so on. Not until #18 do you actual get to a politician, who is just a tool for them to leverage the paradigm–Sarah Palin.

The Blaze has a politician appear at #14, which is the term “Herman Cain Smoking Ad.” I don’t know if he can really be considered a politician. If not, then you have to go to #20 (Barney Frank)–who I guess is the Left wing version of Sarah Palin, which is appetizing.

Lately both sites have been obsessed with Tim Tebow. Pop culture distractions are not all bad in moderation, they can be fun but these sites are real click tramps.

The Daily Caller’s top term for a politician is “Ron Paul” at #5. Both HuffPo and TheBlaze like to ignore Ron Paul or feed the perceptions of racism, danger, unelectable and all the rest–just like the mainstream. I’ve followed Paul’s campaign and these site closely and they’ve covered Paul basically the same, with the core followers for each news site opposing his bid for President for different reasons. The Blaze portrays him to appear anti-Israel, racist and  naive in terms of foreign policy.  HuffPo focuses on him wanting poor people to not get help, rich people to get rich and of course racist. Their coverage, just like the mainstream, re-energizes my belief that he does indeed break the right-left paradigm and the confused media simply have trouble burning their oil when discussing the man. After all, he is pro individual liberty, pro life, small government, antiwar, anti drugwar and it’s a mix mash of confusion for the system. But enough about Ron Paul.

The point is, these site are the same. They are completely totally mainstream. Just to rub it in our faces, The Blaze even hired the former CEO of Huffington Post (Betsy Morgan). I still am stuck in the habit of visiting these sites. I’ve turned off Fox News. MSNBC no more. CNN–not a chance. Instead, I’ve slid into these new online addictions so I can still get pissed off at the stupidity on a daily basis. But like with those other mainstream whores,  my tolerance is fading fast and my mouse is about to permanently resist the temptation to point toward The Huffington Blaze Post nonsense. They are Newt Romney types dressed in digital dollar signs.