The decision by Craig James to run for a Senate seat in Texas is interesting. Awhile ago he left the ‘College Football Gameday’ show for the NFL but soon went back to do be an analyst at a lower status than the one he once had (which was taken over and dominated by Kirk Herbstreit). Following that, it can be expected that if he fails to get elected, he will become a political analyst for an ABC affiliate and the whole world will feel right again.

James is even issuing statements on politics and stuff not related to men throwing balls. His statement on President Obama’s State of the Union address sounds good:

You should announce in your State of the Union address that your bailouts have failed, the reckless spending policies that have expanded government and government dependency have failed, your job creation schemes have failed and the enormous number of new government regulations have failed.

He sounds like a TEA party Republican, which could be good or bad depending but James has always been mainstream and easy to dislike, so voters will have to decide on Craig James the U.S. Senator or else we’ll end up with another political analyst.

More Background:

His son, Adam James, had a dispute with Head Coach Mike Leach at Texas Tech–which is still a mess.

Way back in during his SMU football playing days, Craig James was a great running back but was also part of a team involved in one of the worst penalties for unethical conduct–aka the death penalty.

5 Hookers Died?

But worst of all, he has been Google bombed by a nasty rumor that he has killed 5 hookers. This is a real shame because we assume it is not true, even though we can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it isn’t.

Still, there is probably a large part of the population that may appreciate a Senator with a bad boy image, rather than his dopey facade. So we have decided to show our support in behalf of Craig James. We can’t confirm not deny this is how he did or did not kill the hookers, but we can say that this would have been pretty cool.

Vote for Craig James!
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