The day after Rick Santorum made a clean sweep of Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri liberals have begun thumping their chests. Mitt Romney can’t rally the base. Newt Gingrich is Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul can’t even win a state. Laugh it up amigos but there is something you need to take a minute and reflect on: You are not going to win anything.

This message goes to President Obama supporters in his re-election campaign. While most Americans have turned against Obama just like we did Bush, there remains a large group of Americans who think Obama is doing a good job. At the least, it can be said that these people have settled for a familiar bad taste with their presidents, as if certain common sense issues that are strangling the heart and soul of American fabric can be ignored.

Here are a few Essential Topic Liberals should be outraged with Obama about:

End Wars Overseas
It would be nice to bring the troops home. As vehemently as Obama opposed the Iraq war before becoming President, he has fallen into the arms of the military industrial complex so gently that you’d think Dick Cheney was still VP. What a shock it is for the majority who fell for his anti-war talk throughout 2007. Anybody who opposes war has to to be appalled by the Obama Administration.

Oppose NDAA

First he opposed NDAA and then he was for it. NDAA allows for indefinite detention of American citizens (suspected of terrorist plots) by the military without a warrant or Miranda Rights. That does not look good on the resume, Mr. President.

The Patriot Act

President Obama signed and extension to the Patriot Act in 2011, as expected.

End the Federal War on Drugs

The war on drugs is something many Obama supporters oppose, yet the President has gone against his promises and actually escalated Federal encroachment on state laws. Obama talks a good game and sounds like ‘one of us’ who know the drug war has failed and prohibition is bad policy. Assuming he does know this, these actions are worse and the same goes for Bush and Clinton. They all know the truth about the drug war.

Check out what the former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso had to say.

The fact is that the war on drugs is a failure,” he said. “Being a failure is not saying that you have nothing to do with drugs. You have to act. The drug are infiltrating the local power in several parts of the world. Corruption is increasing and the consumption of drugs is also increasing.”

Instead of punishing drug users, the commission argues that governments should “end the criminalization, marginalization and stigmatization of people who use drugs but who do no harm to others.

Of course, he did not say this as President or when running for the Brazilian crown. That would have been political suicide, thanks to years of propaganda. None of the robotic presidents we have had actually act the way they think. Their actions are politically measured and subject to radical change over a short span of time.

Audit the Fed, National Debt

This is a perfect example of Obama being swayed by the current. First he opposed auditing the Fed and then he supported it. The logic behind him opposing a Fed audit would be because that used to be the mainstream ideology. Once that tide shifted he conceded what everyone knows: transparency is good. He does not go anywhere near talking about competing currencies or buying debt with printed money. There are no real cuts in spending either and that is something many for the front line candidates won’t address either because supporting the welfare and warfare state are expensive.

Other Options:

Roseanne Barr is running for President, so that’s an option but her marriage to Tom Arnold stands as an obstacle. Maybe her quick divorce will save the campaign. Outside of that excitement, there are several other candidates running. The big name is Gary Johnson, who left the Republican Party to run as a Libertarian. Ron Paul could run 3rd party but that’s debatable.

Here is a link to follow all of the candidates running. There are some interesting choices for sure.

Obama is not your friend on many issues above that coincide with Romney and the establishment. Voting for Obama is a waste of time, other than possibly a couple wedge issues. Even if you vote for a no name who won’t likely win, you’ll feel like a winner in the end. It’s that, or wait and see in four years you will be annoyed at your own stupidity in voting for Obama, again.