When oil meets water? Recently on Fox’s Freedom Watch hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano, Republican strategist Jack Burkman predicted that Mitt Romney would pick Ron Paul as his vice presidential nominee. As shocking as this may sound, he does have a good reason to think this.

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorumn and Newt Gingrich all figure to be at the convention and all short of the needed delegates. This insures a brokered convention.

It is important for those keeping track to keep in mind that the delegate total is currently unsettled and the Ron Paul Campaign is very confident in their current delegate total.

Still, Burkam claims if Romney is leading it is in his best interest to pick Paul:

The likely leader will be Romney, but he won’t have enough delegates to win. Gingrich and Santorum have extremely high negatives, nobody in their right mind would want them on the ticket.

I am now affirmatively predicting that Ron Paul will be on the ticket, I’ll lay odds.

This sends Ron Paul’s supporters emotions all over the place. It’s bad, it’s good or it’s somewhere in between for the freedom movement (that Ron Paul leads). No matter where your moral compass lands on this idea, the notion that Ron Paul would accept a slot as VP to Romney should be off the table.

If Ron Paul wants to inspire the movement, he’ll tell the world he declined Romney’s invite. Then he’ll announce he is running as a 3rd party candidate against Romney/Santorum and Obama/Biden. Can you imagine the drama of Mitt trying to tell the world why a 3rd party Paul is bad for America, when everyone knows he wanted him as VP?

It would rip the hearts out of most Ron Paul supporters if Ron Paus as VP for Romney came to fruition. The guy’s nickname is Dr. No so if the earth is round and water is wet then Ron Paul will deliver and the sun will rise again. That or the Freedom movement would have to find someone to fight against Romney and Paul, which is an absurd notion to grasp.

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