The internet is quickly becoming the enemy of the state according to a report released by the Home Affairs Committee.

In the report they claim the internet is a breeding ground for terror, worse than prisons, universities and places of worship.

The committee wants internet service providers to be more active in tracking websites they host and the Government should work with them to develop a code of practice, which must mean a method limiting freedom of speech online.

Committee Chairman Keith Vaz said:

The conviction last week of four men from London and Cardiff radicalised over the internet, for a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange and launch a Mumbai-style atrocity on the streets of London, shows that we cannot let our vigilance slip. More resources need to be directed to these threats and to preventing radicalisation through the internet and in private spaces. These are the fertile breeding grounds for terrorism.

A Home Office spokesman said:

Our new Prevent strategy challenges extremist ideology, helps protect institutions from extremists, and tackles the radicalisation of vulnerable people. Above all, it tackles the threat from home-grown terrorism on and off line.
We are working closely with the police and internet service providers to take internet hate off the web.

Recently in the United States PIPA and SOPA privacy acts were ready to slip through congress until a public outcry forced many of those in congress to change their tune regarding the bills. A video released by Lindsey Graham went into detail why he supports NDAA and how the internet is becoming a dangerous place because of terrorist threats. Not surprising he co-authored PIPA and supports SOPA.

All of these bills have one thing in common: they are using the threat of terrorism to monitor the actions of Americans who have done nothing wrong.

Recently two British tourists were sent back to the UK after they landed in America because of language they used, which was not a threat, rather just slang for partying. They left after a night in a jail cell and interrogation.

There are also reports of 30,000 drones and terrorist watch cyber cafe’s soon to be utilized my the government and FBI in the United States.

All of this has people scratching their heads wondering what in the world is going on in regards to an overzealous global force of nations limiting freedom of expression by their citizens. Feel free to comment if you dare.

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