In a recent interview with former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter and an Advisor to President Obama, Zbigniew Brzezinski defended his training of Osama Bin Laden and what is now known as Al Quaeda. As an added bonus, he explains why a version of the New World Order is the way to go.

Brzezinski first discussed how China was gaining a major advantage because of long term goals. The United States, which is consumed with the current economic crises, is not focusing on planning for the future. He concluded:

There is today a very dangerous imbalance between the lack of budgetary discipline, the commitment to austerity, the determination to keep inflation under control and to maintain a costly social policy on the one hand — all, on the other hand, without any larger conception about which direction our societies as a whole should be heading.

He then went on to focus on a two-speed Europe, where they are loosely bound monetarily and politically through a treaty. In Japan he is confident in their commitment to Democracy and thinks they can act as a catalyst in uniting the US with China.

As Alan Watt eloquently puts it, the goal of globalists is to forge Japan, New Zealand, China, Australia and even Russia into a bloc of countries. As you may know, Russian Prime Minister has Vladimir Putin laid out his plan for Eurasia, which is being hailed by some a as a potential savior to Europe.

Zbigniew Brzezinski went on to state:

This is why, in my view, the idea of an expanded West — which eventually should include both Russia and Turkey — would be a very important element contributing to greater global stability. An enlarged West — in which the United States plays the role of conciliator and at the same time of balancer in Asia — would be better able to forge constructive policies to cope with global issues than a world in which there is increasing turmoil and conflict with many small players vying for their own self-interest. Then it would be impossible to put together any large-scale compromise to maintain stability.

As for the G-20, it has some real movers and shakers both economically and politically, but also lots of hangers-on who are there because they fit some statistical measurement. But there is no magic to the number 20. What not 25? Why not just 15? The G-20 will work or not based upon the core powers building the kind of platform I suggest — an enlarged West composed of democracies working in accommodation with the dynamic economies of Asia led by China.

Brzezinski is of course very much respected among the political elite. He was instrumental with the CIA in training and funding (and brainwashing) Afghanistan to both provoke and the go to war with Russia back in 1979, which helped destroy the former Soviet Union. The blowback occurred when the US trained ‘Islamic Militant Network’ went on to become what we call terrorists & the same people we have been fighting for 10 years (like USSR). Brzezinski still thinks they made the right call back in 1979 in helping bring down old Russia, which may mean he thinks the terrorists are ‘small potatoes’ in comparison.