Every month or so I like to take a peek at the GlennBeck.com to see how many times a picture of his face is on the homepage. My theory of course is that his ego is out of control. The pics are always amusing, especially the ones where you know he spent an entire day trying on quirky outfits and putting on lipstick….er whatever. This time did not disappoint, as he appeared 25 times…beating the previous record by one GB face (24).


Here is the breakdown:

  • Liberty safe ad: ad shown twice for some reason (2)
  • Goldline ad (1)
  • Background pic of GB holding miniature flag or in uncle same costume or something else dumb (rotates on refresh) (1)
  • Pic of GB on video of camera in 1791 shirt (1)
  • How do you kill 11 million people article (1)
  • GBTV ad (1)
  • Article feature Pic of glenn peeking through blinds (1)
  • goldline ad (1)
  • Same pic of 1791 shirt (1)
  • Glenns George Washington book ad (1)
  • Santorum interview pic –The Headline: Will fill the role of Winston Churchill?…Ron Paul people commented “no “…. (1)
  • Facebook scroll–mini pics but they count (4)
  • “Well, it looks like Glenn’s praise finally took Michele Bachmann out of the race.”…..article….2 pics on headline….both with his face…as he takes credit for her losing because of his support for her. (2)
  • Newt Gingrich article….Glenn Beck face (1)
  • Tour the Texas Studio with Glenn article headline on homepage (1)
  • American Dream labs article (1)
  • Santorum speaks surge with Glenn (1)
  • Bachmann hits back against Sarah Palin–Glenns face appears (1)
  • GB on footer (1)
  • GB on food insurance ad (1)

Folks, this means his face appeared on the homepage, one single page of the website….25 times!!! It is unreal. Even if you discount the facebook stuff, which should count….the number stands at 21. If you click into an article you get more pics of him of course, including the one here in this article that states “GBTV is the only place to find Glenn Beck.”

Good work Glenn Beck, I want to pinch Glenn Beck’s Glenn Beck cheeks more than ever.

Please Note: If you are counting, the repeat Liberty Safe ad is now only showing once…so it’s 24. But I’m sticking with 25 for fun.