Judge Andrew Napolitano recently had his show axed from the Fox News Line-up and it has everyone wondering what is next. His reaction after the demotion or firing was to say it happens all the time and he will still be with Fox. This was a noble and self-serving reaction by someone who may posses the nimbleness needed of a candidate for Vice President. Enter Ron Paul.

Consider the fact that Ron Paul says his greatest weakness is as the deliverer of the freedom message. Paul’s classic ‘What if’ speech was used by remastered by Napolitano and Paul has said recently that the Judge is a candidate to be his Vice President, if he won the GOP nomination.

Here is the quote from this video:

One time somebody asked me who I’d have to consider and the name Judge Napolitano jumps right out at me. But when you think about the danger of mentioning one or two, your not going to mention others who are certainly qualified. That’s a great story, you know, the fact that there are alot of people now well know and well educated who know the issues and would do a very good job.

The crowd loved the suggestion that Napolitano would get the nod, which in addition to Ron Paul suggesting it is very telling. Besides that, who else would he actually pick? Gary Johnson is liked by many but I have not seen any real indications this is a possibility. Rand Paul would not appeal to other voters, except for some conservatives that Napolitano can tap into anyways. Jesse Ventura is a popular name, especially with the Infowars crowd. With due respect to the Governor this is not realistic and Ventura would seal off a ton of votes. Dennis Kucinich or another liberal leaning congressman is another possibility but doubtful.

Let’s just assume though that Romney or somebody else gets the GOP nomination, which is very likely. In that case a 3rd party run by Paul/Napalitano would dominate the independent votes, steal Republicans and even Democrats.

‘Judge Nap’ is even a big fan of Ralph Nader, calling him a hero among other glowing remarks.

Judge Napalitano will have a great appeal on the east coast and will find a loud microphone with many in the media. As it stands now, he looks to be the perfect VP choice. When it comes to the Constitution and natural born rights nobody is more powerful of a speaker than Judge Napolitano.

Best of all, Judge Nap is one of the few people who can explain ‘fringe’ beliefs to mainstream listeners and convince them in 10 minutes that these ‘fringe’ beliefs are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help us Judge Nap it sounds like the mic is about to be passed to you. His audience on Fox’s Freedom Watch was big but it could come to pass soon that he is a household name.

Napolitano sat on the New Jersey¬†bench¬†from 1987 to 1995, becoming the state’s youngest then-sitting Superior Court judge. The glaring weakness would be his lack of experience on the ‘big stage’ in term of the political arena, so it’s a bit of an unknown how he may handle that.

Judge Napolitano “What If” speech: