Whenever the government openly steals your personal information and stores it, you know it’s been happening for awhile now. In the digital age, there is no place for privacy.

Here are some Dailymail details:

Details about text messages, phone calls, emails and every website visited by members of the public will be kept on record in a bid to combat terrorism.

The Government will order broadband providers, landline and mobile phone companies to save the information for up to a year under a new security scheme.

What is said in the texts, emails or phone calls will not be kept but information on the senders, recipients and their geographical whereabouts will be saved.

Direct messages to users of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will also be saved and so will information exchanged between players in online video games.

The information will be stored by individual companies rather than the government.

The news has sparked huge concerns about the risk of hacking and fears that the sensitive information could be used to send spam emails and texts.

Anyone paying attention knows this is a violation of privacy. Terrorism is just an excuse that is working right now, when that fails they’ll find something else. There is no company or government that should have access to our personal information. Nothing online is private. Get used to that fact. It will make some scream louder but for the majority it could change how people approach the digital realm. It’s like your computer should come with a warning label: YOU ARE BEING WATCHED. THANK YOU!