Update: Rand Paul responds

The rumors are popping up on the Daily Caller and beyond about Rand Paul as vice president for Mitt Romney.

His quote:

I don’t know if I can answer that question, but I can say it would be an honor to be considered.

Is this a random comment or do you think it is calculated?

If calculated, this single quote could destroy the entire message of the Ron Paul campaign. It destroys his bid to be president. It is very telling because it shows Rand Paul supports Mitt Romney. Yes, Ron Paul’s sidekick (and son!) throughout the entire campaign is supporting Mitt Romney. Yes, that Mitt Romney, the one who was demonized by the Paul camp back in 2008.

The Paul mantra has been ‘all of the other candidates are the same’, basically a variation of Obama. For the most part, it is true in regards to big government, big military, war on drugs nonsense. With Rand Pauls ‘honor’ comment it shows that this whole ‘freedom’ movement that they’ve been anointed as leaders of, was nothing more than a tool to be invited to the cool kids table.

Money Scuds

Ron Paul’s most recent money bombs, which have raised millions of dollars from small donors have been called “No One But Paul” and the “Only Smart Choice”. Ron Paul’s own son does not agree with these money bombs. For those who donated money with this catchy headlines, how do you feel about that now? Do you wish you could get your money back?

This is the exact reason anyone over 40 does not trust any politician. It is the first lesson for many young voters that all of the great ideas for restoring America back to how it was intended will forever get whitewashed for the purpose of selling out.

Rand Paul’s comment was a clear admission that the Ron Paul for president bid is over, if it really ever existed to begin with. The Pauls’ are politicians, worse yet Republicans who may want to get on the same ticket as Mitt Romney.

It is disgusting to watch Ron Paul attack Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich while giving Mitt Romney a free ride. It was excusable though, with the notion that maybe he liked the idea of a 3rd party run against Romney and Obama because they were so much alike. But now…

Ok, calm down now

Rand Paul has always come across as far less genuine as his dad. From Sean Hannity calling him a good friend to his more hawkish views on foreign wars and the role of government. For a few years now the whispers have been consistent: Rand Paul is not his old man.

Let’s not kid ourselves though, Rand and Ron would be conspiring together on this. If his quote means anything, it is that the the Paul campaign will not go for a 3rd party bid or if they do it is a plan B because Mitt Romney had enough delegates and did not need the Paul vote to get him elected.

Ron Paul supporters may be faced with a choice soon. Live by your principles and don’t vote for Paul or scrap your principles and vote for someone who supports NDAA, bailouts and more of the same. Are Paul supporter really going to vote for the lesser of two evils? Regardless, this is a lesson learned for another generation: Politicians are not to be trusted.

* Or maybe the Ron and Ron Paul is playing chess, while the rest checkers? We can only hope.

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