Is Virginia a ‘tenther’ state? Do you know what a tenther is? A tenther is someone who believes in the 10th amendment, which limits federal intrusion on American citizens.

The Tenthers movement could be much more uniting than any before because who wants the feds in their junk?

According to The New American Virginia is just the first of many to step up to the plate:

In what is music to the ears of constitutionalists, other state and local governments are joining the chorus decrying federal despotism.

In Arizona, the Border Security, Federalism and States Sovereignty Committee of the state Senate passed a resolution that is on track to be taken up by the entire Senate. The bill (SB 1182), introduced by Senator Sylvia Allen, “prohibits this state and agencies of this state from participating in the implementation of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 and classifies the act of attempting to enforce or enforcing these sections as a class 1 misdemeanor.”

As The New American has reported, lawmakers in Tennessee and Washington have already proposed legislation thwarting the federal government’s attempt to enforce the NDAA at the state level — that is to say, nullifying an unconstitutional act of the federal government.

A tally kept by the Tenth Amendment Center of state and local authorities standing up to the federal government and its never-ending quest to quash states’ rights records that:

Six local governments have passed resolutions condemning sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA. Earlier this week, the Town Council of Macomb, N.Y. unanimously passed a resolution, and Fairfax, Calif. approved a similar resolution 4-1. On Wednesday, New Shoreham, R.I. also passed a resolution opposing NDAA detention.

There are more elements of the truther movement covered by

Ohio is rejecting health care mandates with Virginia and Tennessee look to highlight the negative aspects of NDAA. Utah is leading the way for sound money, with five other states working on legislation to allow sound money to actually be used without sanction (gold & silver coin).

There is other evidence of this type of rejection of overreaching government, with PIPA and SOPA falling under the same umbrella, even if not reaching the state level. As was discussed on the Corbet Report, people are making small steps to stand up to the feds. It can make a difference no matter what the 2012 elections bring.

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