Ok, everyone at once pull out your Norm McDonald voice recorder and say….

Note to self, Don’t listen to Bill Maher anymore this election season.

Considering 40% of the population does not consider themselves Democrat or Republican, a whole bunch of the population just got turned off of Bill Maher.

It’s that time of year, where people takes sides with their puppet and yells and screams at others for the audacity of voting for another puppet. Maher just solidified in the public domain what everyone knew already: he’s an Obama shill.

As found on Mediaite Maher was chirping it up on twitter to keep fans up-to-date on the Obama funding.

The best comment on Mediaite was:

I’m sending some of my unemployment money to the Obama campaign.

This is so true. What percentage of the American population dependent on the government, either through employment or unemployment? It is just another example of the elections being rigged.

The presidential election is going to get nasty. It’s been awhile sense we’ve seen the Obama backers showing themselves online. The excuses regarding NDAA, the deficit, bailouts, undeclared wars and so on are tough to swallow.

For months now we’ve heard variations of the Republican debate. Obama is revving up for the spotlight and the Maher endorsement is nothing more than telling people it’s ok to like express your support for Obama again.

It is hard to fathom though that the host of ‘Political Incorrect’ could bow to the most politically correct symbol in the history of mankind. The Reverend Wright speech during Obama’s 2008 campaign, his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and the relentless attack by the thought police in the media are all examples of a standardization in thought and propaganda that is alarming.

Obama and friends know how to think, act, walk and talk so get in line like the rest of the helpless dependent and eat it.

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