While on the campaign trail in 2007, President Barack Obama promised that genetically modified foods would be labeled as such if he were president. It is now 2007 and we are still waiting.

Here is what I’ll do. I’ll immediately require country-of-origin food labeling because people should know where food comes from. We’ll let folks know if their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they are buying.

Of course, this is the same guy who said the first thing he would do is bring the troops back from Iraq and you could argue that has not happened, or at best only recently happened.

States around the country are stepping up to see if they can inform their citizens what is GMO and what is natural.

From Mercola:

Mandatory labeling may be the only way to stop the proliferation of GM foods in the U.S. because while GM seeds are banned in several European countries such as Hungary, Germany and Ireland, in the United States, certain states are passing legislation that protects the use of GM seeds and allows for unabated expansion! At present, no less than 14 states have passed such legislation. Michigan’s Senate Bill 777v, if passed, would make that 15. The Michigan bill would prevent anti-GMO laws, and would remove “any authority local governments may have to adopt and enforce ordinances that prohibit or regulate the labeling, sale, storage, transportation, distribution, use, or planting of agricultural, vegetable, flower or forest tree seeds.”

While this type of legislation sounds like crazy nonsense to normal people, such bills are essentially bought and paid for through the millions of dollars Monsanto and other biotech companies spend lobbying the U.S. government each year. In the first quarter of 2011 alone, Monsanto spent $1.4 million on lobbying the federal government — a drop from a year earlier, when they spent $2.5 million during the same quarter.

Their efforts of persuasion are also made infinitely easier by the fact that an ever growing list of former Monsanto employees are now in positions of power within the federal government.

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