The latest outrage on the left stems from Rush Limbaugh’s comments regarding contraception coverage Queen and social wedge champion Sandra Fluke. Rush made the observation that if people are forced to pay for women to have sex and not get pregnant, that the least they can do is tape it so we get something for our money. This prompted advertisers to drop Rush and the liberal left to be outraged. This energy would be better utilized with personal responsibility and a sense of humor but that is not the point. At the same time, Obama is said to have phoned the unelected champion of socialized birth control to sympathize with her torment, which includes newly found fame that will put her on the fast track towards monetary gain. In addition, Obama recently appeared on ESPN talking about how he loves to watch the network and how he is happy Michelle Obama allows him to watch the Disney owned sports empire. I will dissect the absurdities behind these headlines and the ultimate aim: social wedge distractions from real issues. My god it must be campaign season.

Before the left or right get emotional about this subject, please keep in mind that it is best to detach yourself from the controversy. The puppet masters have injected this social issue in the midst of campaign season for a reason. So ask two simple questions before emotion creeps in and causes you to act hysterically:

Why are they doing this?

What do they have to gain?

Sandra Fluke stands to gain fame and fortune. Rush Limbaugh looks to stir the conservative base. The Obama administration is looking to dominate the female vote. For all the people who are wasting their time, the enforcers of mind control are all laughing at your zombie ways. You are all behaving like mindless fools.

Stepping away from the drama, this is a very basic liberal vs. conservative issue. Conservatives don’t like to pay for irresponsible behavior of others, especially when it intrudes on religious beliefs. Liberals think these thoughts are outdated, while maintaining it is important to control the population and help those (monetarily) who need it most. Personally I think it is important that women stop acting like crazed men who can’t control sexual urges. Women are naturally more responsible than men and to promote otherwise is a mistake. It is my opinion that our society would be better off to prevent multiple sex partners rather than provide free pills to promote it, as ridiculous as this may seem to TV land. If nothing else, simply because socialized ways of thinking lead to higher costs for everyone and a destruction of family values.

That is a personal belief and even if you think it’s dumb you can respect it because it stems from years of careful reflection on both sides. I concede arguments are being made for both sides and this article is not going to sway liberals towards the side of responsibility of one’s actions so I’m not going to bother. My talents are not nearly awesome enough to persuade others toward my thinking, rather, I just fall in line with the other media blowhards who are able to get people into a mindset of uncontrollable fury.

ESPN: Nothing to see Here

In addition to contacting Sandra Fluke, President Obama also took time to do a sit down interview with ESPN. ESPN and sports in general are the ultimate distraction tool from issues that really matter. It seems many men in America get the majority of their news and world views from a sports network. I was once one of these people and for people who saw this website years ago they know it once revolved around sports. So, what is Obama’s motivation for telling the public he watches ESPN everyday or as much as time permits? Well that’s simple: distracted male voters who think this makes them alike. He is appealing to the huge male population who spend time debating sports, balls and whatever social wedge issues arise as a result of them. The latest issue dealt with the fact there are no current black head football coaches in the Big Ten Conference. This is a throw away issue, meant to do nothing but tug at the guilty strings of white men. Yet, there it is helping tear our society apart with our President sitting down for an interview telling everyone how wonderful ESPN is. ESPN is a kids network. You should stop watching it when you are 14. I started watching it after I grew too old for the morning (before school) episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s a true story, yet grown men wake up everyday to the latest sports news, stuck in the same mind traps of a 10 year old kid. This includes the President of the United States. Heck, it probably includes our last few Presidents.

What is the Point?

The point is that our news does not just spring up at random. This is all planned and if you are getting angry at Rush or Sandra Fluke in a manner that affects your life, then THEY are winning. Not Fluke and not Rush, but the people pulling the strings of deception. The same people that are destroying America as we know it and the individual liberties we enjoy. It is amazing how many people I’ve seen who never post anything regarding politics on facebook, yet have posted on this issue. All-in-all, my guess is many of these postings will turn to regret. Not that maybe they’ve changed their personal opinion in regards to the issue but rather that the wasted their time and allowed the right-left paradigm to win.

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