According to a recent article by Natural News, Monsanto’s widely-used herbicide Roundup destroys testosterone and eventually leads to male infertility, as cited in a study published in the Journal of Toxicology in Vitro.

Unfortunately, as someone who has been published in two major daily newspapers who knows how their story selection process works, I have a feeling that this won’t end up making the headlines it deserves, and the masses will go on with their lives believing that “conventional” produce is perfectly fine for their bodies and the environment.

But go tell that to the many thousands of frogs with dual sex organs, or the millions of men across the globe who’ve been rendered infertile, likely due to farm runoff and pesticides seeping into the water supply . The PBS documentary ‘The Disappearing Male’ is another bombshell that never quite dropped on the public because, well, Americans would rather watch shows like Mob Wives or Storage Wars.

Okay, so both of those shows weren’t around when that landmark documentary dropped, but you get my point. You can find it on the web, however, if you want to see just how serious the prevalence of synthetic estrogens in the environment has become.

The main thing to take away from this study is that it is yet another red flag that human fertility and health in general is under attack, all in the name of profit and greed from chemical corps who want to sell more pesticides and profit off of seeds, nature’s gift to humanity. According to the Natural News article, Roundup has also been linked to DNA damage, birth defects, liver dysfunction and, yes, cancer.

But as most people saying before sighing, “everything causes cancer,” so why worry about it, right? Just donate a few bucks to Susan G. Komen and she’ll take care of everything (snicker).

What they fail to realize is that virtually everything of an industrial chemical-type nature causes cancer, not natural products and foods. I’ve never heard of someone getting cancer for eating too much spinach or too many apples, or being around fumes from coconut and grapeseed oil-based cleaners all day at work.

The most dangerous thing about Roundup is that despite all of the damning evidence against it, it is still widely regarded as “conventional” or “normal” just as the produce is that is slathered in it. With more pro-Monsanto and other Big Ag bills coming down the pipe such as the one in Iowa that bans filming of factory farms, our ability to show the truth to a mass audience is in danger of being stifled.

Meanwhile, Monsanto will continue to develop new techniques, petition their government friends (many of whom were formerly employed with the St. Louis-based company) to use even less safe pesticides, create new genetically modified crops (which may pose major health risks of their own), and more to help them achieve the exact opposite of what proponents of GMOs say they do: reduce pesticide use.

With the devastating effects of Roundup shown to occur at even low doses and as Monsanto and other chemical companies seem to be upping the doses, what more evidence do we need to take action?

And with GMOs capable of crossing-contaminating and organic farmers and their crops across the country under attack, how long until we finally take to the streets to create awareness and put these companies in check the way they did in Europe? The clock is ticking, and the ticking time bomb of infertility may be in danger of exploding as the chemical corps gain more control of government institutions.

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