My introduction into how media works came in college, when I was putting together a video for a professor that was leading a multi-media project that dealt with military simulation. After going through the various rooms that simulated combat, I interviewed my professor. He rehearsed and played back every response to my questions a few times until he thought he got it right. The interview should have taken 10 minutes but it turned into and hour or more.

Now onto CNN where Anderson Cooper and activist ‘Syria Danny’ who look to be experts in propaganda. The video (below) shows Activist Danny coordinating gunfire and explosions in between smoking cigarettes and talking about wanting to take a nap. In one interview he pleads for help of any kind even from “Israel” or anyone.

Syria Danny preparing his report for CNN is even told by the camerman:

“Tell them they are falling down, and we’re taking bodies from underneath them”.

Danny seems cool as cucumber when he is not live but then much more concerned and panicked when talking to Anderson Cooper. Everything seems calm and quiet where Danny is located except when talking to Cooper, gun fire and explosions can be heard.

Danny “the activist” is heard saying:

“Well let the gunfire sound then,” right before asking someone off camera, “Did you tell him to get the gunfire ready?”

Even if there was truth associated with danny’s words and actions, once a lie is exposed nothing can be believed anymore. This is the problem for those of us who pay attention: enough lies have been exposed that you never know what can be believed anymore. While awareness is a good thing, the media brilliantly parallels truth and fiction so ultimately they get away with everything.

This is no surprise for those of us who look to browse around on Youtube.

Charles Jaco was the CNN reporter famous for covering the 1990 Persian Gulf War. In the most blatant lie every caught in manufactured news, here in Saudi Arabia were fake palm trees, and a blue wall in a studio! This makes Syria Danny look like an honest activist that he portrays himself to be.

While most of America has caught onto the fact that reality shows are actually fake, many still hold onto the 24/7 news cycle with a glimmer of hope that it’s not bought and sold to mega corporations. These are the same people who have refused to tell the truth about the Federal Reserve, election fraud and love to claim moral highground in apolitically correct context.

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