The anti-genetically modified food movement in the United States has been put to shame by movements in Europeans and many others overseas, but a major anti-GMO petition appears to be making serious headway.

With just a few weeks left until the U.S.’ Food and Drug Administration will stop accepting comments about a petition filed by the Center for Food Safety seeking compliance with mandatory GMO labeling, more than 850,000 comments have already been submitted.

Of course, President Barack Obama promised on the campaign trail that he would label GMOs, no questions asked, and has since gone on to appoint “food safety expert” Michael Taylor as Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the United States Food and Drug Administration, a former top Monsanto (GMO, Agent Orange and other chemical mega-corp) and board member of various Rockefeller-funded groups on agriculture.

Instead of aiding in this all-important process, one that countries from Asia to the EU employ as a bare minimum (if not an outright ban on GMOs), Obama and co. have fought tooth and nail against this and all other campaigns to finally inform people about the most fundamental change to nature and the way we eat in many, many decades.

The main GMO crops in the U.S. are corn, soy, canola (mostly in Canada, ie rapeseed), cotton, and sugar beets, with some others thrown in for good measure. The big five are all a majority of those crops, and 19 studies have linked GMOs to ailments such as organ damage, infertility and more. Yep, it really is that serious, and considering that the big news outlets usually take years to get the story straight (in eras of less corporate influence no less), the burden is on the people to steer this ship away from the iceberg.

The worst part about these crops is that it may be impossible to avoid them in a few more years, and regulations are being slashed with Taylor and co. in charge in terms of introducing new ones. The crops cross-contaminate and the companies that created them can even sue organic farmers when drift eventually happens and contaminates their closely-tended natural crops.

More than 450 food freedom groups, farmer and seed organizations and more have joined in the petition, while California and other states are considering ballot measures in order to finally make GMO labeling a reality.

Of course, with 70-80% of the food on store shelves already laced with GMO crops in America, hurting our food export businesses and our health to benefit the medical industrial complex, labeling is being fiercely opposed by the big food corps.

Signing the petition and raising awareness is the least that can be done to help ward off what could be one of the most disastrous changes in human history.

Bill Gates, a major GMO investor (who has openly advocated reducing the population) knows it, having also invested in the infamous Svalbard global seed vault. It’s time the population at large knows the risks as well before it’s too late.

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