Beneath many popular articles are comments. Some comments are mildly entertaining and sometimes comments can attack an issue better than the article itself. Articles are really just formalized comments, meant to inspire informal comments.

Beneath this article a veteran responded to an article that says what’s needed to be said.

Bob from Mosinee,

Being a Retire Army Platoon Sergeant, 2 Combat Tours myself, I will say, This Soldier, Need answer to the UCMJ, For His actions.

That is fact of law.

Second thing I have to say is, He is My Fellow Soldier, and a Brother Fighting Man, and I stand in Spirit and if possible in Body in support of My Fellow Soldier in His time of Dire Trouble, We do not abandon our OWN!!

Now no mater how heinous the act, The fact is that we have a 4 Tour, Decorated Hero, Wounded in the Service of His Country, With multiple physical injuries and psychological injuries from those 4 tours.

He has earned the right of Respect as a Soldier, who has walked into the valley of despair and darkness, because He reached the limits of His mental and physical endurance, That does not excuse His actions, But it sure the HeII is a mitigating circumstance.

We do not abandon our Own, On the Field of Battle, In the POW Camps, or When war claims them as a casualty either Physically or Mentally, At least Not in the ARMY.

He answered the Call of His Country Willingly, And now MOSt of ALL the Country need to care for a Injured Son no matter what the crime.

Justice must be served, that is Law, But in Justice, mercy must also have it place to be true justice.

Well said, Bob.

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