Albert Einstein once said that humans if the bees were ever to disappear, humans would be next, and the former is exactly what has been happening recent years, in America at least.

After much head-scratching and countless diversionary mainstream media stories about vampire parasite flies or half-assed pieces quoting clueless scientists, we finally have some real answers: A new article on sites such as ABC News, Yahoo! and many more links corn pesticides with bee die-offs that have been occurring en masse.

That comes courtesy of a study published in the American Chemical Society’s Environmental Science & Technology journal, which confirms that, um, yes, it’s true…massive overuse of pesticides does in fact kill insects (honeybees).

Beekeepers have seen die-offs around corn planting season using a certain pesticide that includes pneumatic drilling machines sucking seeds in and spraying them with a (toxic) coating before they are planted. This particular process may wreak the most havoc with the bees and is implicated as a potential cause of colony collapse disorder.

It’s a little surprising to me that this story saw the light of day in the MSM, considering I’ve seen similarly shocking and important environmental-related studies that could hurt the bottom line of the big chemical corps like Monsanto, DuPont and Dow in the past that haven’t made it beyond Natural News and similar third party “alternative” sites. A quick search reveals that the topic has come up sporadically in the past, but probably not enough.

Now that this article is making waves, the real battle begins, and the need for real journalism and follow-up pieces grows as well. Will any outlets pursue this story further, and will they hold our Congress’ feet to the fire to do something about it?

Today’s news environment is over-saturated, especially with bad news, so it could well happen that the media simply moves on and expects this problem to fix itself. The people have a big role to play as well, by forwarding the article to their Reps. and to continue to post it and send it around. The clock is ticking, and while there may in fact be other climate-related causes, or cell phone towers and technology-related causes of the honeybee die-off, every bit helps. More corn planting for ethanol (Scam alert! But I digress…) means we could see even more trouble from the corn front.

Monsanto and friends are in the process of getting newer herbicides approved and newer GMO crops which will require even more overuse of pesticides. The problem will only get worse if we don’t see a shift in philosophies soon.

With the White House stacked with Monsanto execs. right now, however, it’s going to take a huge effort to make some progress on this issue. But it’s certainly worth it, after all, we all need to eat and we all need the honeybees to do just that. We can’t take them for granted anymore.

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