Canadians are a rowdy bunch, especially if you insult their beer or commit war crimes. Enter Dick Cheney, who decided to cancel his trip to Toronto, Canada.

Ryan Ruppert, president of promotions company Spectre Live Corp., that scheduled the event, said Cheney and his daughter, Elizabeth, canceled citing safety concerns.

“After speaking with their security advisors, they changed their mind on coming to the event,” Ruppert told CTV Network. They “decided it was better for their personal safety they stay out of Canada.”

According to the Tribune:

Violence broke out when Cheney visited Vancouver in September as part of the book tour for his memoir, “In My Time,” which he wrote with daughter Elizabeth. Cheney had to hole up inside the building for hours as police in riot gear took on demonstrators.

According to PressTV the fear is being arrested for war crimes. This is far more appealing, considering Cheney can easily get the security needed to protect himself. Here is a quote.

You talk to quite ordinary people in the street here in Canada who are non-political, who are a-political and they know that if the law was being enforced and being enforced consistently and equitably that Dick Cheney and George Bush would be inadmissible to Canada, and Benjamin Netanyahu for that matter.

So there are vested interests that want to have a situation where there is the rule of law for working class people, but the elite are kind of above the law – that if you’re from Texas, from Washington, from Tel Aviv, you don’t have the law applied to you.

But many Canadians aren’t happy with that. In fact, in Canada, in the last election we had a left-wing socialistic party win many seats in the Canadian Parliament and their immigration policy in the Canadian Parliament has come out and said that Dick Cheney and George Bush are inadmissible to Canada.

So I think that this is highly significant. I think that his concern has nothing to do with what the media are saying here in Canada, that it’s the thuggish violent protesters that could hurt Dick Cheney. I think he’s actually concerned with immigration officials apprehending him.

The war crimes angle makes the most sense. It is hard to imagine angry Canadians tearing the for VP apart like a pack of coyote’s ripping at bloody meat but anything is possible. It is also interesting how the mainstream media and PR crack staff are pumping out the ‘fear’ angle, as if Cheney is a victim of out-of-control commoners. Rather than what is is: a war criminal with a war criminal problem. And besides, I’m sure Dick Cheney loves Canadian Beer.

Canadian Beer Sucks?

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