The murder of Trayvon Martin has sparked anger around the country, no doubt fueled by the media machine that thrives on emotional response. There has even been a public display of support by the Miami Heat lead by LeBron James. All of this is sad but it is also something else: missing the point.

First of all, why is it our athletes are all a bunch of wimps? They stand up for nothing. LeBron James, who represents fine organizations like McDonalds, a company that makes kids obese and causes heart disease, decided to show the world that he is just another moron plugged into the TV and all that it has to offer. Why this issue, LeBron? Is it because everyone will agree with you? Is it because it is easy? Or are you just this stupid?

LeBron is the epitome of everything wrong with todays athlete. This dates back before he punked the Cavaliers. Bron Bron is a bully who just wants to be loved at the end of the day. Why can’t athletes stand up against the war, against Monsanto, NDAA, TSA or many of the other issues that plague our society today? Instead he takes a stand where he is not needed, where it is obvious and where he knows there won’t be any blowback (except here). Why can’t athletes today be more like Muhammed Ali, who knew who he was, had an identity and was not afraid to tell others his world views…putting himself in front of the public displaying his strength and weaknesses without apology? I urge everyone to go to Youtube and search Muhammed Ali. He was the opposite of politically correct. He was anything but containable. He was brilliant.

Athletes today stand for nothing. The Trayvon Martin case is being leveraged as an example of black people being victimized unfairly by violence. In this case it may be true but for the most part that’s simply not true. Black people are not victimized by violence, they are victimized by non-violence. They are victimized by insane drug laws that have resulted in more black people in jail in America today than slaves in America’s past. This is a fact that slams many notions of progress in our society. Where are the Miami Heat on that issue? Oh yeah, they are busy selling Big Mac’s and watching SportsCenter like their masters want them to.

You see, LeBron is just another distracted moron in a long line of distracted morons. He does not want to ruffle corporate feathers, so he only stands up for something that A) he won’t get flack for and B) is an emotionally charged issue that the media and politicians will likely leverage to limit individual rights, get ratings and votes. Does anybody think black people are going to come out ahead after this case whether George Zimmerman gets arrested or not? Of course not, the laws at best will be left alone or they will become more stringent, resulting in more people going to jail, blacks included.

This stinks of a game that is rigged and a whole bunch of people falling for the media trap. Whenever you find yourself getting emotional over an issue you see on TV stand back and think why this is happening. What are they trying to get out of me? Is it to improve society? Is it to seek justice? Or are we all just players in a game that has no winner? By merely getting angry or sad, we are participating in a news cycle that seeks nothing but sponsorship and ratings.

There are many issues swirling around us today that are going to affect how we live, eat, drink and enjoy our daily lives. My guess is that LeBron James won’t be found talking about any of them.

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