The chemtrail truther movement, or whatever you’d like to call it, has been gaining momentum lately, and a June 1 article in Scientific American about “white skies” and geoengineering has given mainstream attention to that nagging question that’s been plaguing so many of us, that being, “What exactly are they spraying?”

The article touches on a recent study from the Carnegie Institute for Science that explores the possible benefits of man-made geoengineering, as they term it.

The process of geoengineering, essentially “adding sulfate to the atmosphere to block the sun’s light,” would apparently make for whitish, hazy skies even in rural areas. The article says that people in New York City or other hazy metropolises wouldn’t notice much of a difference but people outside would start to see white skies because of the process, which is essentially what so many millions of people around the world have already reported as occurring.

Luckily the article also includes a poll from the Brookings Institution that gives a glimpse into the justified anxiety over geoengineering, which is essentially chemtrailling, something that the “mainstream” society still doesn’t even acknowledge as existing.

The poll showed that 69 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat believed the harm from adding the material to the atmosphere would outweigh the benefits.

Most explanations for chemtrails border on the sinister: They’re being used to increase diseases in the people or keep them docile much like flouride in the water, or they’re part of some sort of elaborate plot by Monsanto to gain more dominance in agriculture, or something else to that effect.

The global warming mitigation theory has also been floated out for some time when it comes to chemtrails, although it seems as if the Global Warming movement has been stymied for the time being as many people seemed to believe something fishy had been going in in regards to the push for “carbon taxes” and other “solutions.”

Regardless of what they’re being used for, the importance of the Scientific American article cannot be understated. It’s yet another in a growing trend that adds credibility to those who’ve been watching the skies and know that something is not quite right. We’ve seen news reports across the country about people asking what’s going on as well as collections of scientific samples that seemed to confirm the presence of odd chemical residues in the area where they’ve been spotted. And of course, we can all look up and see the ominous criss-cross patterns on just about any given week.

Chemtrails are real, and now the question is why we haven’t been told about it.

Unless an official body comes out and makes a statement about them, we’ll keep assuming the worst. Because that’s exactly what we’ve been getting for the past ten years or so when it comes to clandestine operations, whether we’re talking about chemtrails, the out of control nature of the CIA, or even the adding of genetically modified foods en masse to the American diet without labeling or proper warnings and studies.

Nicholas Tomasi is a longtime journalist for various local and national publications and author of several health books including one on reversing acne naturally. He began in sports journalism and has since moved on to other ventures involving health and national news.