The news if filled with problems, never solutions. Being that DRS is a news site we will continue to pump out stories to make your head spin but our mission is to find answers. I’m thirty-one years old and have asked nothing but questions for most of it. It’s so easy to play the middle ground and call yourself a moderate. It’s an avoidance technique and what you are avoiding is life. Little did I know, living is easy.

Our obsession over increased government control only adds fuel to the fire, in personal terms. It can be said that writing about moral atrocities on the federal level is good for raising awareness but personally for those who have been paying attention, it’s probably time to stop.

Step 1:

Go ride a bike. Eat a popsicle under the hot summer sun. Steal fresh vegetables out of your neighbors garden. Or better yet, grow your own. But whatever you do, chill out on the news.

No matter what is happening around you, the path to independence and internal freedom is completely on you. Just as the path to financial wealth should be completely on each individual, without government intervention, the road to freedom is your doing and no government overhaul will change this.

This is not a ‘practice what you preach’ speech, rather, a ‘be yourself’ speech. While ignorance can be bliss, those who possess disturbing knowledge about the world around them and live amongst rules not of their choosing must wrestle with the fact that other people will always be able to tell them what to do. Authority figures exist on our dime, from the police officer, IRS, local mayor and so on. The only way to avoid this is to not interact with these people, at all. If you must interact in some way, be kind and speak the language and they will go away.

Step 2.

Next, choose freedom at home. Your work should embody personal freedom and free market capitalism. Inspire those around you. Surprise yourself. Turn off the TV sometimes, or all the time. Eliminate the negatives in your daily routines and preach the positives. Keep doing this and you will be surrounded with like-minded freedom fighters who don’t need to lead by force but by example.

When free, your work intertwines with daily life. It does not turn on and off like a 9-5 desk job. It is you and it is the way to live free. Taxes change. If you own your own business tax write-offs are great to show actual income. When working for another company, the government steals your money and then you buy stuff for personal enjoyment, straight out of what’s left. When you work for yourself, much of the time you are buying for the company, which is you.

Step 3.

My suggestion for individual looking to break free of slavery, is to start some sort of company, either based around a hobby or venture down the line. Making money is on you and if you are successful with a 40 hour + a week job…you can succeed on your own too. Contrary to popular belief, I believe self-employment is for everybody as long as that person is driven to live life to the fullest.

Step 4.

Decentralize your life. Food, clothing, shelter and so on can become much more personal and lead to greater independence. There are a number of outlets to get sucked into centralized habits, brainwashing and overall dependence. Remove these from your life and the “news” will become unimportant.

The free market is nothing to be scared of. This is something that amazes me with unions representing government employees. They all act like losing their job would be the worst thing to happen on planet earth. Heck, they act like losing retirement money guaranteed in 40 years is disgraceful. But my point is, what happened that all of these people are so scared of their own ingenuity to succeed that they use government force (Taxation with a Gun) to get what they want? How do you train an entire group of intelligent people to act pathetic?

Once you’ve cultivated an independent lifestyle and environment you will be happy. Happiness results when are your able to do the things you want to do. If you find yourself putting tasks or other things off, maybe it’s time to decide if it is important to do. If you must do it, don’t procrastinate, do it fast, efficiently and then move on with your life without complaint. Work towards squeezing that chore out of your routine, whether it be something related to work or home. Money does not equal success. Doing what you want to do is the answer. With that, money typically follows. Everybody has skills and accomplishments give people personal value. Just because something can be tedious does not mean it should be squeezed out. If the reward is great enough, you will do it. If not, drop it and the sooner the better.

That Was Easy

At the end of the day, it’s about creating a culture around you that allows to be who you are. Worrying about injustices out of your control is not the solution. It only validates the system, so at some point you must move on with your life. It’s the selfish but wise decision and you’ll accomplish more good as a result than you ever could pouting about a presidential politics, wars in other countries and even Monsanto. Although, it is fun from time-to-time to hate me some Monsanto.

I’m personally not completely free. But I’ve managed to rid myself of most of the drudgery and the rest is just keeping me honest at this point. With enough effort towards my immediate goals, that too will go away.

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