If you have ever supported a political candidate, you may be familiar with that feeling of betrayal or just plain silliness. It is silly to nominate someone to lead a group they say they resist. It is silly to think that a politician is going to do anything but increase his own power and interests. And it is absurd to have expected any different from Rand Paul, given the endless stream of freedom fighters who have fallen to their knees in the name of inclusion.

When Rand Paul said he would be honored to be considered as a Vice President for Mitt Romney, I quickly followed up with an emotional tirade about the situation. I almost pulled the article but decided there was enough truth, along with the emotion, to let it ride. Ron Paul supporters wrote comments. Some were more reasonable and level headed then me, yet others accused me of being part of the media establishment looking to destroy Ron Paul. Well, Ron Paul supporters, both hands can now comfortably rest on the forehead as we carefully reflect on the decision to support a politician, support the system and validate our government every step of the way.

The idea of changing the system from within is fanciful at best. We don’t need a politician to lead us to freedom, we need a bunch of free market men and women to rise up (and raise kids up) and lead by example. The idea that we can elect a candidate to change anything will only lead to disappointment. I urge everybody to unregister yourself Republican (if you took that step already) and never vote again in your life. You’ll be better for it. Life gives you what you ask of it and if you ignore our government and the mindless indoctrination than it will slowly slip back into the sea. If not from the public as a whole, at the very least from your own life.

This is not to say Ron Paul or even Rand Paul are bad people but they are part of a system that makes no sense. They are part of a system that encourages them to come up with slogans like “The Only Choice” or “The Only One” when raising funds. They are part of a system that enslaves, murders and misinforms every day to everyone who listens. This is what they do: Politics. They are politicians.

To Ron Pauls credit he never supported anyone like Romney but that is not really the point. The point is, throwing your support and money at someone who is engaged in politics is not the right thing to do. It is actually a huge waste of cash, better spent investing in a business or your own personal enjoyment. Sure Ron Paul was able to spread his message and teach some of the founding principles but he could have done that without much money at all.

I don’t know what’s next for Ron Paul. People keep posting that he’s “just getting started” but I don’t see it. Maybe that’s because I stopped following his campaign and news like a fool, or maybe that’s really because he’s done with this whole ‘running for president’ thing. Maybe instead he’ll throw his support for Gary Johnson. Or maybe he’ll give support for Mitt Romney. Or better yet, maybe he’ll keep his support to himself and remove himself from this mess. That’s a decision that has my support and admiration.

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