The “Right to Know” what’s in our food will be at stake this November in California as voters in the most populous U.S. state will decide whether or not to enact GMO labeling laws.

Considering that more than 90 percent of Californians polled support the initiative and that genetically modified crops (see this article for more info on how to avoid them) are banned in dozens of countries including much of Europe, and labeled virtually everywhere across the world, the vote seems like a slam dunk in favor of labeling.

The last thing I want to do is discredit my argument by sounding like Lee Corso, but in the words of the former college football coach turned TV court jester, “Not so fast, my friend.”

GMO labeling should be the absolute minimum considering the health and environmental destruction unleashed by the wholly unnatural, obscenely profitable seed and chemical industries, but there are extremely powerful interests who are terrified of the domino effect that could be unleashed with a “yes” vote this November. GMO’s are being pushed around the world including in Africa, where a new deal has been struck to further the imperialistic agenda there even more, and in Europe, where “trade wars” are being unleashed to wear down resistance by agents of the U.S. government acting on behalf of GMO and chemical giant Monsanto.

One biotech official even said that if GMO labeling were enacted, you “might as well put a skull and crossbones” on the label. It’s safe to say that labeling would be a disaster for much of the biotech industry and lead to a greater movement in the future like what’s been seen in Europe, along with consumer rejection of the harmful food products that have been snuck into as much as 80% of all foods on grocery store shelves.

Now, with the November 6 vote not too far off, we have a showdown for the hearts and minds of the uninformed voter in California.

In the red corner, we have the biotech industry along with a grocery store organization, which plans to spend more than $60 million to defeat the initiative. In the blue corner, or perhaps the “green” corner is the organic movement, which raised nearly $2 million dollars.

Personally, I expect that the $60 million number will raise by leaps and bounds as GMO barons and government forces become concerned. The $2 million figure sounds like a lot but with so many people in the dark about GMOs, the economy continuing to remain issue #1, and the biotech industry prepared to push a hokey “labeling will hurt companies’ bottom lines and reduce jobs” campaign, the biotech industry’s challenge is expected to be fierce.

We’ve seen organic farmers outspent and defeated in court in lawsuits that seemed to easily demonstrate them as the victims in cases of cross-pollination before, so proponents of GMO labeling need to do everything they can to support the California initiative.

The Internet is a powerful tool and the truth is on our side, so every effort should be made to inform Californians and secure that they aren’t swayed by the biotech industry’s propaganda this November.

We’ve already seen another election go the wrong way when Wisconsin anti-union governor Scott Walker was aided by exorbitant funding from out-of-state interests in his win over Tom Barrett, despite mass protests against him last fall.

The same scenario could unfold in California without the full support of the grassroots anti-GMO movement.

It’s time for all Americans to support the California GMO labeling laws in any way possible, because you can’t take anything for granted in today’s era of big-money politics and corporations-as-people.

Nicholas Tomasi is an AP Award-winning author who has also written health books including one on how to stop the causes of acne naturally for the Amazon Kindle. He has interviewed top names in the natural health world and originally began in sports writing. 

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