Over the weekend I managed to burn some time watching reactions from Ron Paul supporters. They were reacting, with passion, to the Rand Paul/Mitt Romney love fest going down on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

5. Gerald Celente: Ron & Rand Paul Are Killing Their Movement!

I tuned into infowars when I heard the news, figuring Alex Jones was losing his mind. He was. Gerald Celente helped fuel the fire and it’s deserving to be on the top 5 list. Among the topic of discussion includes how voting is a joke.

4. Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney; “liberty” dies for nepotism, Alex Jones, Tarpley, Paulbots

This guy is angry. He drops some hard truth to Ron Paul supporters, with books propped up behind him to let us know why he always knew better: he reads. Fair enough, but hear this…thank you, good day (at the 4:03 mark).

3. Rand Paul Endorsed Mitt Romney – Jack Hunter Explains

On the Jerry Doyle Show, Jack Hunter defends Rand and Ron Paul. He also notes he won’t be voting for Romney. Doyle did a good point pointing out the obvious and Hunters spin was cringe worthy. Doyle also called out the way Hannity talked to Paul about his dad. All Hunter could do is agree with the host.

2. Breaking-Rand Paul Throws Ron Paul Revolution Under Mitt Romney Campaign Bus

This gets going at about the 4:00 minute mark on PeterSantilliTV. Tom Santilli said, “These fuckers are all corrupt.” He then went on to explain why he feels this way. The best solution is to never get emotionally involved in politics or politicians again.

1. The Man That Shot Liberty In The Back- Rand Paul

This gets better as it goes. Another emotionally invested, distgusted supporter. TheKaffeeKlatsch breaks it down, starting with campaign donations, endorsing a liar, integrity, Braveheart, picking up signs/throwing them in dumpsters and more. He sounds like someone who got punched in the gut and decided it was a good time to lay down some truth outside an AllState office.

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