I’ve been getting paid to edit video, so in my spare time I threw this video together, which is the highlights of the show and reactions from the crown.

The Takeaway

Phil Donahue can work a crowd. Ayn Rand was intellectually pouncing at anyone who challenged her. The best coming when she refused to answer the girls question because of the way she phrased the question. Rand was in the right with that. The other bomb dropped was the fact she would never vote for a woman as president. For the record, I thought Rand said “If you follow that law” but the woman heard “If you’ve fallen that low” but regardless, Rand explained her point. The morale of the troops is critical and if they are lead by a woman, it could be disruptive. It is completely reasonable, making the who scene even better.

They did another interview together, which was more like a picnic. This was a legit food fight.

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