Vermont was close to getting it right, but at the 11th hour, the chemical giants that have run roughshod over the formerly pristine fruited plains of America stepped in and put a stop to the threat of GMO labeling in the state. In response, one of the state’s senators is moving forward with a national plan to finally give Americans the chance to know if they may be eating what many scientists have called toxic genetically modified ingredients and foods.

The Vermont Legislature considered a bill for GMO labeling this past session but  leaders decided not to even bring it up because of threats of a lawsuit by companies that produce genetically modified organism crops, which are banned or labeled in many dozens of countries yet continue to cross contaminate other crops in the U.S. GMO crops also adding the health risks already inherent in the Standard American Diet (SAD), perhaps on a higher level than we ever thought possible considering news that GMO toxins have been found in the wombs of pregnant women.

Now Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders along with Senator Barbara Boxer of California have introduced an amendment making “The Right to Know” a part of the pending major farm bill that could have a huge hand in the health of Americans going forward.

Sanders once again told it like it is on Capitol Hill, proving as an Independent that it’s better to think outside the box in this day and age where by-the-book thinking seems to fall in line with the culture of death that has gripped the country. See the video below for Sanders’ floor speech on GMO labeling:

See: Sanders takes on Monsanto over GMO Labeling

The movement back toward a food supply that sustains us and at the very least does not cause unnecessary harm can be credit to Food, Inc. and other documentaries and books tackling these subjects head on, but people like Sen. Sanders deserve a special hand as well for their roles.

After all, there are still plenty of clueless lawmakers who guzzle Diet Coke all day just to get their aspartame (genetically modified e.coli fecal material…yep) fix every day and to stay awake. It’s the perfect storm of ignorance and backroom deals that had kept so many Americans in the dark about what’s really in their food and what really seems to be causing the autism, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other epidemics. But now that the movement is growing to the point where an elderly Senator from Vermont can take the lead on an issue of huge importance for America and humanity as a whole, it’s safe to say that we have something real brewing here.

The trick is to keep it going and to fight with everything we’ve got for GMO labeling in California this November to counteract massive ad spending by the biotech industry and it’s Mr. Burns-esque team of high priced lawyers.

Labeling doesn’t go far enough (we need a ban or at the very least something to put the brakes on the scary prospect of further cross contamination of new and current GMOs) but if it’s enough to make the biotech bullies quake and send tens of millions of dollars to the Golden State, then we’ve got to be doing something right, and that something is the push for GMO labeling in California of course, and across the country thanks to Sanders’ and Boxer’s efforts.

Nicholas Tomasi is an AP Award-winning author who has also written health books including one on how to stop the causes of acne naturally for the Amazon Kindle. He has interviewed top names in the natural health world and originally began in sports writing.