Michael Steele (Former RNC Chairman–NBC Commentator) thinks taxes are voluntary because jails these days are little more than country clubs with a high rate of drug use and rape rooms.

That’s right, Michael Steele either does not get or just does not see things like primates should.

This video is a snippet taken from Jan Helfeld, who was at the time interviewing (aka auditioning for) John Stossel. Find the full video here and JanHelfeld.com. Helfeld is infamous for placing politicians and media type in precarious situations by asking them simple questions about principles and hypocrisy.

In Michael Steele’s defense, most people run away or get angry before delivering responses. Steele took the time and was polite but it is still noteworthy to tap into the brain of a powerful guy. What is insane to consider is that Helfeld got Steele to say this in just a few minutes, while on mainstream television these basic philosophical questions are not even tossed around by the experts.

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