There has been a barrage of global warming talk with the summer heat wave, Colorado fires and last years Texas drought making everyone hot in the pants. With the persistence of fear it is hard to find solutions. Almost every article reads like this: things are getting hot, science tells us so…all you need to do is look at the graphs, people are dumb for disagreeing and need to grow up, we all need to remember to turn off the lights and drive less, our government needs to do something about it NOW or else the end is near…take birth control and get abortions (ok I threw in that last part).

There is almost never any real solution given. When they discuss what the government needs to do, they hardly ever say what it is that needs done. They never, ever blame the government for global warming and only embrace the idea of government expansion and reduction of individual liberty. This is what frustrates me. Global warming alarmists don’t understand the people they fight with. They’d rather hold their noses in the air and look towards statism to decide our fate.

Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post is one of the few who formed a ‘broad stroke’ solution:

Seems to me it’s not the heat, it’s the temerity that’s our real problem – the temerity to think that we can go, quickly, from about a billion people to 7 billion, on our way to 9 billion, with dramatic increases in resource usage and energy consumption and carbon emissions and so on, without it having dramatic consequences for the planet.

My suspicion (and others will recoil from this) is that the planet in the future will have to be managed the way you run a nuclear power plant – lots of engineers, risk assessors, government oversight, a public-private partnership of sorts, with a steady eye toward low-probability but high-consequence events.

This is the problem. Whenever someone complains about global warming and the ignorance of others for not listening to them, all they are doing is crying to bid daddy government to fix the problem. They also identify humans as the problem. Now think about this: conservative values (not talking politics) hold human life and personal freedom in the highest regard. In two paragraphs the author takes swipes at both of these values and this is why some people can’t agree on anything. You may think this is crazy but that won’t help you convince anyone of anything. If you talk to a conservative about global warming, or talk to anyone about global warming, offer solutions that don’t involve the government ruling over us with a gun in one hand and an atomic fireball in the other.

The global warming debate will be much easier to embrace without the threat of government expansion. Yeah that’s right, we don’t want the government telling us what to do. Yeah, that’s right, the same government that built interconnecting “free roads” for us to drive on are not the ones who will solve anything. If you want to cut down on driving, privatize the roads. Truckers won’t be able to make as many long journeys and it may drive the price of food but we’ll all be paying less taxes. And you know, since everyone thinks we are near the tipping point for this whole heat thing, that should be agreed upon by all. Personal driving will also go down but alternative transportation options will increase, such as trains. Privatize the roads and oil consumption goes down 30% immediately. No, I don’t have science backing that random made-up percentage up…deal with it. If you have a solution that results in less government, I’m all ears.

To top it off, Obama is going to make global warming a key issue in the upcoming American Idol Contest between him, Mitt Romney and ah-shoot-that’s-all-we-get-to-choose-from. All this means is that he sees another way to expand the government in ways the world has never seen. Don’t believe me? That’s fine, but that is plain ignorance and it runs much deeper than any global warming denier.

In Florida, recent reports have dubbed it a state bound for serious flooding and straight up submerged disaster in the Keys and much of South Florida. The crazy part is that federal taxpayers heavily subsidize coastal  development when the government pays to rebuild infrastructure destroyed in storm surges and picks up much of the bill for private losses not covered by insurance.  So in sum, we pay for rich people to (re)build where it is risky.

This is the same government that is going to save us!?

It is not global warming that scares many of the deniers. If things get warmer, they get warmer. It is the constant threat and outcry for an expansion of government and an overall reduction of our way of life. Government will never be the solution. They won’t fix global warming and from where I sit if anyone caused it, it was them.

So the next time you warn others about global warming, present some solutions and don’t leverage politicians to help. If you want something to change, do it yourself. Inspire us.