Ron Paul, OWS and the TEA Party have all dissolved or compromised themselves enough that any type of progress they’ve created in “waking people up” is essentially dead.

Think about it, Rand Paul is now supporting Mitt Romney. That’s a movement killer. Occupy Wall Street is now confused with Sesame Street. There is nothing to see here. The TEA party was overrun by blood thirsty establishment types almost immediately after it was founded. All of these movements it could be argued started out with great intentions. They all created conversations in the mainstream that had not been discussed before. The question: if a movement never lasted long enough to change anything, was it really ever a movement or is it just an extension of the internet age, where the “truth” is available for those people who want to surf around on the web from 1am to 5am and wake up that morning late for their daily monkey job?

In the video below “george4title” essentially says there never was a movement. People seem to fall into 3 groups: The informed, the uninformed and the knowingly uninformed. The older generations tend to fall into the knowingly uninformed. It must come from the fact that after years of mainstream television, they know better than to believe or believe in, anything. There is good and bad in this but overall it’s probably bad, considering most of these people have simply learned to distract themselves with nonsense reality garbage. Still, there is a wisdom to just enjoying life and not getting caught up in doom and gloom.

With alternative media, everyone should spend 3 months diving into subjects they don’t know about because it is mind blowing. Understanding the processes today that go into growing food, raising livestock, fighting wars, funding elections and so on all are exposed like never before. Being informed does not mean we all need to get emotional over “movements” that are inevitably going to fail. After witnessing these latest movements go up in flames, many hours were wasted getting caught up in the circus by freedom loving individuals. Many opportunists arose as well, pimping the likes of Ron Paul to garner followers and generate income. There is nothing wrong with this but almost immediately any purity is tainted by the message of the once mighty dollar. Whether it’s info wars, Adam Vs. The Man or the many liberal blogs pimping OWS, there is a reliance on your tendency to take things personally.

This is nothing new and it is overstating the obvious but for many of us it’s worth reminding ourselves: My gawd we were duped again. Seriously, how stupid are we? The takeaway, again and like always, only you can free yourself. Let the fools have their movement because they won’t last long and feelings will get hurt.

Here is my once inspired rant on why to vote for Ron Paul:

Revolution? REVOLUTION???!!! Fuck yes it’s a god damn revolution. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Go ahead, elect Mitt Romney or re-elect President Obama, it will only make the transition an even uglier event. When I was in 6th grade I began to realize something: the system is cocked. The TV had politicians with combovers spewing dumb dumb nonsense to the brainwashed. I was sucking it in but not inhaling. After all, I was only in 6th grade. Even though they knew how to roll it up for me my body refused intake. The whole system did not make sense but we were ok with it until now, as inevitable implosion is upon us. Well, here it is America.

Vote for Ron Paul people. And while you are at it, puff, puff, pass to the left and put yourself in a position to enjoy the show because if you think Ron Paul is crazy you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Let me clarify: Don’t vote for anyone. Your time is better spent clipping your toenails or braiding your dogs hair.

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