If you have children please ask them to look away from the monitor, iPod or smartphone as you read what Paraskevi Papachristou said on twitter:

With so many Africans in Greece… the West Nile mosquitoes will at least eat homemade food!!!

With that single quote, a life’s work goes down the drain as Papachristou is ruled by the Olympic Committee as ineligible. The 23-year-old was set to fulfill her dreams in a week, when she copied what someone else had wrote on Facebook.

Many people are wondering if this even qualifies as racist and who in their right mind would actually take offense. Tensions are high when it comes to illegal immigration in Europe, mainly because people want to preserve their heritage. Let’s be honest, if you go on vacation, you don’t want to see a bunch of Europeans in Africa and you don’t want to see a bunch of Africans in Europe. These days though, integration is considered progress by some and opposition blatant racism. I’m not a big fan of borders but let’s try and let people think for themselves and tweet what they want.

This chasm in perception boggles the mind and controlling it all is a soupy mess of political thuggery.

Here is more from reuters:

Papachristou’s tweet appeared to divide opinions in Greece, which has long struggled with an influx of illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia and has seen a sharp rise in anti-immigrant sentiment amid its economic crisis.

Those who pushed for her expulsion included the co-ruling Democratic Left party.

“She can make as many vile ‘jokes’ as she likes on social networking sites when she watches the Olympic Games on TV,” it said. “But she certainly cannot represent Greece in London.”

However, hundreds of fans rushed to Papachristou’s defense, flooding her Facebook page with messages of support.

A group titled “We want Voula Papachristou in London” was created within minutes of the announcement and soon counted more than 2,000 fans.

“Since when is clever humor a crime?” one fan posted. “Making mistakes is human. Recognizing our mistakes demands character and compassion,” another wrote.

Greece’s Olympic team spokesman Anastasios Papachristou said people were split down the middle on whether she should have been expelled.

“The (Greek) Olympic Committee didn’t decide because of emails or what these people want,” he said. “They decided because you can’t be in the Olympic Games and write things that are so stupid.”

The International Olympic Committee said the final decision rested with the National Olympic Committee.

“The rules have not changed. The only difference is the comments were made on social media. They clearly contravened the Olympic charter,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said.

It is hard to understand why countries want to host the Olympics. It is built around globalization and keeping the countries in harmony all to keep commerce as efficient as possible. The distaste for the Olympic games is growing among many and this patriarchal behavior is another reason to leave the TV off.

Add to that the insane amount of terrorist hype and military needed and it seems like a big mess with a massive agenda attached to it. Who knows what the planners may have cooked up for us.

The worst part is that the athlete apologized. Once you get booted from the Olympics, that’s the perfect time to let loose. The London Olympics would make Hitler proud. No gold for you!

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