Would you like genetically modified fries with that? Some GM ketchup on the side?

Ireland’s winning battle against GM foods is coming to and end soon as they have gained approval for the first trial of genetic modification for potatoes in order be resistant to “blight” is under way.

The argument for genetic modification in this instance is money. If they can design potatoes to be resisted to blight, the farmers will have more paper ($) to put in their pockets. Commerce and efficiency is always the excuse to tear at the fabric of natural earth.

While this is a ‘baby step’ in terms of ruling over an entire potato industry, it is a step in that direction. If they can merely prove that it will generate more dollars, than that will provide the incentive for others to be on board for short term profits. In this instance and many others, commerce is resulting is a systematic destruction of our natural resources.

As the Organic Trust in Dublin discusses:

“Ireland’s status as a GM-free country is being risked here,” Mr Lynch told BBC News.

“It’s only a two-hectare trial, but that’s like saying you’re only a little bit pregnant, there are no grey areas with GM.”

The article goes on:

“You could achieve the same results by conventional breeding,” said Mr Spink, “but it might take 15-20 years – this way we can do it in weeks.

“And it allows us to target the genes we want; conventional methods would bring in other genes that you don’t want or need.”

But anti-GM campaigners in Ireland are not convinced that the cisgenic technique is benign.

“It is portrayed as ‘GM-lite’ – but in reality cisgenic is a nonsense,” said Mr Lynch.

“It is just there to make GM more palatable to the general public. The fact that it comes from a related plant doesn’t make it any different. The real danger is the process.”

This view is echoed by Stella Coffey, a campaigner who runs a blog called GM Moratorium, describing herself as a grandmother and biotech sceptic.

“They haven’t researched other options – it’s absolutely preposterous to use such a risky tech as your first line of action. It’s one of the biggest cons that has been perpetrated by regulatory science in a long time.”

This is all about money for the corporations. In the need to produce unending growth companies will go to extremes to produce the profits needed to live the lives we are supposed to all strive for. It’s always about what is good for the pocket book and not for the people. This is just another example.