That is the question, right?

There is a large segment of the ‘Ron Paul followers’ who have had put their best intentions to rest and have now decided to ignore the 2012 presidential election. After all, Rand Paul supports Mitt Romney, so what’s the point? Like all libertarian presidential hopefuls, the top politicians are nothing more than messengers, which might be more effective than the Oval Office anyways. But now we have another Libertarian whispering freedom in our ear. It sounds good and gets my leg to tingle like Chris Matthews watching Obama talk about drones–but then I remember–voting is pointless and even if this were not true Gary Johnson will not win.

If this were American Idol (it’s not?), Johnson would not win. He does not exude the Judge Napolitano charisma, nor the Ron Paul folksy appeal. It’s not that he’s not likable but he just does not give off that hollywood star quality. Should this matter? Maybe, maybe not but when someone is trying to convince people to vote for him, he needs to tap into emotions.

On the issues themselves, Johnson is easily the best candidate to choose from when your choices are Obama and Romney. From a libertarian perspective, he’s solid. He’s a self-made entrepeuneur who did a great job as Governor of New Mexico. He does not mince words when discussing the failed drug war, war on terror and a number of domestic issues. At the very least you can identify his principles and see he has attempted to stick by them.


Gary Johnson needs 15% support to get into the debates. If there were odds in Vegas about this, my guess would be 5 to 1 against Johnson. 15% does not sound impossible when you consider Ross Perot once carried 20% and Ron Paul in a third party run might have come close. IF Johnson could get 80% of Ron Paul people and 10% of the frustrated Obama/Romney crowd, he’d be close. It is hard to see happening though, as the unstoppable ‘vote for the winning team’ attitude is emerging fast. Perhaps you can feel it around you? It’s happening and it will silence any chance for a third party. The two party paradigm is going to squeeze out any chance Gary Johnson supporters are clinging onto.

That said, it would be great if Johnson was able to participate in a few debates. To me, it would be a victory if he got people to just stay home and not vote at all. He should tell the American people, “If you are not going to vote for me, please don’t vote at all and here’s why.

The argument to not vote for anyone would be very compelling and much more convincing than trying to convince everyone to vote for you. The “Politicians are all corrupt so vote for me” speech has serious flaws in logic and is a tough sell. The “vote for nobody” speech would perk up some ears and may result in overall interest in your campaign message.

It is impossible to imagine a politician ever making a difference in Washington D.C. As long as the Johnson supporters keep it real with the fact that Johnson is nothing more than the latest freedom fighter to be handed a megaphone, then that is something worth supporting. Politics is the best way to spread idea’s, as frustrating as it may be. If Johnson can open the eyes of another 1% of the population that is a win because President Gary Johnson is not going to happen and it probably is best that way.

It’s better we keep it abundantly clear where good and evil play. Let’s not mix it all together and hope for better results. It will never happen.

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