Google and the CFR are teaming up together to fight Mexican drug cartels? This is much needed because after trillions of dollars spent, lives lost, non-violent offenders imprisoned and no improvement in terms of overall use of drugs, Google is going to save us from ourselves.

Let’s examine the above linked article:

Yet connectivity will not, on its own, disrupt illicit networks. People tend to assume that “name and shame” will fix things — as though, once a video of wrongdoing is uploaded, the world will pressure the bad guys. It’s clear that external pressure seldom fixes weak or corrupt institutions. As we watch violence unfold in Syria, more than video is clearly needed. The pressure has to be internal, from those who are directly affected and have the incentives and mechanisms to fundamentally reshape the world they live in.

They are telling us that we need to spy on each other to catch the “bad guys” and rid the world of evil. Keep in mind that the CFR wants to control everything, all the time and everywhere.

In Juarez, we saw fearful human beings — sources — who need to get their information into the right hands. With our packet-switching mind-set, we realized that there may be a technological workaround to the fear: Sources don’t need to physically turn to corrupt authorities, distant journalists or diffuse nonprofits, and rely on their hope that the possible benefit is worth the risk of exposing themselves.

Technology can help intermediate this exchange, like servers passing packets on the Internet. Sources don’t need to pierce their anonymity. They don’t need to trust a single person or institution. Why can’t they simply throw encrypted packets into the network and let the tools move information to the right destinations?

In a sense, we are talking about dual crowdsourcing: Citizens crowdsource incident awareness up, and responders crowdsource justice down, nearly in real time. The trick is that anonymity is provided to everyone, although such a system would know a unique ID for every user to maintain records and provide rewards. This bare-bones model could take many forms: official and nonprofit first responders, investigative journalists, whistleblowers, neighborhood watches.

Where are these right destinations? Are we talking about….BATMAN!!!

Technology is just a tool. The residents of Juarez told us they desperately want technologies that, when used in the right way by the right people, would make a difference. There will be real consequences of trial and error, but we cannot let fear prevent us from innovating. In a world where cartels and criminals are masters of innovation, technology companies can tip the scales over the long run, helping to provide an innovation advantage to those who need it most.

Legalize drugs and these problems go away. It is the laws that create the criminals. Instead, we are pouring more of our resources into fighting a war that can’t be won.

Add to all of this the fact that the CFR is thought of as an international criminal gang because of their desire for blood in the name of regime change and it’s easy to see why this make everyone uneasy. They are masquerading around like they will only target the “bad guys” but clearly their version of “bad guys” is different than most.

Who is buying this as a positive step in the right direction? Anyone? Well, maybe if they are monitoring the CIA.

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