I still like to get sucked into my favorite Ohio State Sports forum. It happens. Every year a couple guys get busted for weed (this year Brionte Dunn) and every year posters flame at each other. I wrote a lengthy response to a back-and-forth. Below are two snippets and my response.

One poster said:

One time, when I was young, I asked my dad if I could do something. I don’t remember what it was as it is irrelevant.

His answer was, “No!”.

As a typical kid, I immediately asked, “Why?”.

His response, which I then heard for the rest of my life, was, “Because I said so.”.

This is why they should not be smoking the stuff. BECAUSE URBAN SAID DON’T DO IT!!!!

Another poster responded:

This “jump how high?” mindset does not work as a creed. Doesn’t lead to freedom. Doesn’t lead to happiness. It leads to servility and resentment. And when these players grow up, and society has stripped them for all they’re athletically worth, all they know is how to follow orders. So they either end up traveling through life as cogs in the machine, always serving another’s interests, or they become petty tyrants like you, individuals who pass on that same terrible mindset simply because it’s all they know.

I find this practice occurs most often, oddly enough, at the high school level, when students aren’t quite mature or educated enough to think for themselves. It’s a particularly vicious mindset in high school football. And it should be opposed. Never trust anyone who forbids the use of “why?”. It’s our most useful question.

Here is my reply to both:

Interesting exchange. Let me throw in my 2 cents because when someone mentions freedom my legs gets all tingly.

I have found that kids who are punished by their parents often are drawn to the military, police force, TSA or whatever. And often times those parents are not leading by example. Kind of like our government. Punishment will inevitably lead to people looking to the nearest form of “daddy” when they get older or they try and become daddy, which can be scary.

This is why it is important for parents to reason with their children as much as possible and avoid punishment. Punishment is slavery. I remember in middle school I got 13 detentions one year. 13!! That means after school (which consisted of 8 hours of brainwashing, cog-in-the-wheel teaching–never why?–never exploration of ones self) I had to stay extra time. This time was spent either sitting at a desk waiting to leave or helping out with some activity I did not want to help with. It never taught me anything. And VB, for the record, I was a captain of the bball team. I was devoted and you would have wanted me on your team.

I don’t remember my coach punishing me, except ironically he was in the rotation as detention monitor in HS, which I often frequented. I don’t call wind sprints punishment. I was at basketball voluntarily…unlike public school, which is mandated.

But my point is, we will never progress as a society and we will certainly never be free until we learn that dad can’t fix our problems, whether that is through punishment or handouts. To me, they are one in the same.

We have to learn to live without rulers. When you raise kids as if they can leave whenever they want to, they are more likely to want to live without rulers, which means no government handouts and no jail when they are big boys & girls.

And when you ask “why” and don’t get a reasonable response, it usually means its a dumb rule and should be ignored. Now if Urban Meyer tells him “its a dumb rule but I have to enforce it or I’ll get fired” then that would probably work with me. Nobody is making Dunn play football anyways, but i digress. But by him playing football, he is not free. I guess that is the choice corporatism forces us to make. It has nothing to do with morality or setting a good example.

Corporatism has put a muzzle on our society. Just look at the athletes getting kicked out of the Olympics because of “racist tweets.” This is insanity and our system of commerce has created this fake world that is found in nearly every office and mainstream media outlet around. AND MANY PEOPLE ARE SEEMINGLY BLIND TO THIS FACT.

This is what made Ricky Williams awesome. He is the only athlete I can think of that questioned the system and did not obey (well, Ali was before my day).

That is what you call freedom and unfortunately many people in the public sector don’t experience this at all because they have to act like daddy around students/players and then they have a fake reputation to uphold in the community. It’s all just silly nonsense, it’s not healthy and must be questioned or the nonsense will grow (and is growing).

No athletes question the war or anything else anymore that should be questioned by at least a few of our so called role models. I want our athletes to speak up. Heck, not even our rock stars say anything. Certainly nobody you hear on the radio.

This is not freedom people. We all should be able to have an opinion, right or wrong, without politically correct mob rule consequence. I guess Lebron did speak up about Trayvon, while ignoring the fact there are more black men in jail now than there were ever slaves (face palm, head beating wall).

None of it makes any sense and we can all do better.

Hell==Jail. Our laws==God. Me and You==cogs in the wheel

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