If you’ve never seen a Mola mola (also known as ocean sunfish) then you’re on the same boat as everyone else on the internet that’s going mad over an old picture of one. These bizarre looking sea creatures are pretty hard to spot, and even harder to capture in a picture as they usually scatter upon seeing divers.

But an old image captured by Daniel Botelho off San Diego became extremely popular after he posted it last week onto his Facebook page. He explained that he had taken this picture way back in July of 2010 while on a blue whale photography mission and somehow forgot about it. Fast forward two years later while he was planning another photography mission and he found the image.

After just a day and a half of posting the photo onto his Facebook, the award-winning photojournalist received over 1000 likes. After a few days the shares and likes both grew well over a thousand as the image went viral. Botelho expresses, “It is so funny, I wasted that image and after two years I found it, posted it, and it becomes viral”.

He also explains that there were more than five in the same spot but upon getting into the water, almost all of them swam away quickly. Only one particular one decided to stick around, and oddly enough ended up following Botelho around as the people on the boat said, “like a dog following his owner”.

These ocean sunfish are the heaviest known bony fish in the world, as an average adult weighs about 1,000 kg. Its diet consists mainly of jellyfish, but it also consumes fish. If you ever happen to be underwater and snap a picture of one, it’s a good idea to post it up online immediately and not lose track of it like Botelho!

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