Abortion is the ultimate wedge issue and one that Democrats like to tout as a reason not to vote for Ron Paul. At least, if you read the Huffington Post comments (guilty!) that is what you would think. But should this really a wedge issue at all?

It is safe to say that people commenting on HuffPo regarding abortion and Ron Paul are hardline Democrats, so regardless of Paul’s beliefs they would find other things to make him sound out-of-step with progressives. Then there is the fact the President does not have the power to overturn obortion, so in this sense it is not an issue at all, if you want to get all technical about it.

On the flip side if Ron Paul does not get nominated by Republicans and we are left with Gary Johnson who is running as a Libertarian, conservatives will have to vote for someone who will actually cut spending but support that womans right to choose. Both candidates want the federal government out of it so within the presidential powers they essentially agree.

To summarize…it’s not an issue for me. If it’s an issue for you, DERP DERP.

Most Independents who went for Obama did not do so for any of his beliefs, which I assume he has hidden somewhere, rather they went for hope and change rhetoric. Pro Cannabis legalization people went for his talk about loosening up weed laws and getting the Federal Government out of it. Anti-War people bit hard on his “The Iraq war was a dumb war” bait. The anti-Bush just wanted something different. All of these people who went for Obama for the above reasons are up for grabs in a general election. If Paul decides not to pursue a 3rd party candidacy (I think and hope he will) the door will be wide open for Gary Johnson as the libertarian candidate.

For those whose minds can’t get past the notion that reasonable minds can disagree on issues like abortion and climate change, they will have to find a way or live with President Obama another 4 years, who has cemented his legacy with all war and personal liberties. Just as they completely discount those who disagree with them on these issues, my tendency is to discount them for caring.

The fact is if you think you’ve found the perfect candidate regarding personal choices and moral outlooks within your own mind, you should look a little harder because that person does not exist.

Progressives flawed in being closed minded so much to some issues that they become jaded in wedge topics. The tide seems to be turning fast though, as the ‘agree with us or your dumb’ doctrine by many is turning sour and leveraged by politicians to divide and conquer both sides of the aisle. It’s time we realize that life is short, our minds are flawed and freedom is the only route.

This new landscape forming is indeed exciting and will bring change no matter if people vote for it in 2012 or not. It is not the candidate that can save us from the system, it is us. But even with that, it would be nice if there is a person to represent the movement and even the most hardline of Democrats and stubborn progressives have to admit, there are not many options. Whoever that person is must have support from the TEA Party originals and Occupy rejects. Among the candidates in the 2 party system, besides Paul, I don’t see any other options.