Do you ever get the feeling that you have to settle on the politician you voted for? My first Presidential election that I could vote in was a showdown between Senators Barrack Obama and John McCain. I felt like a vote for either was going against what I really felt was right, but I thought those were my only options. I ended up casting my vote for McCain because I felt that he wouldn’t expand social programs as much as Obama. I figured the same would hold true for every election for the foreseeable future, choosing the best option of people I didn’t want to vote for.

As you fast-forward a few years, frustration had grown within me over the Presidency of Barrack Obama. In the spring and summer of 2011, I began to notice some friends on Facebook post videos of Ron Paul’s solutions to the nation’s complex problems. I was floored. I had never heard any Presidential candidate speak intelligently about how to handle the issues facing our country. I was too caught up to notice Dr. Paul in the 2008 primaries because I was too busy focusing on the battle between Clinton and Obama. I certainly wish I had then, but it is never too late for another to join the liberty movement. I said to myself, “I have to find a way to help get word out about this man.”

My next mission was to fulfill those words. Over the next few months I could not get me enough Ron Paul.  I seemed to spend some nights endlessly watching videos on YouTube of Dr. Paul speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives, or videos from the Revolution PAC. I was liking all kinds of Facebook pages about the Liberty movement, and it seemed to create and endless chain of “likings” to the point of where most of my news feed on Facebook is now about liberty or ending wars. I was sharing various posts and really haven’t slowed down, my friends are probably annoyed with me at this point, but I think the message is too important. The way I look at it is, I’m trying to save our country, not my farm on FarmVille.

As fall was beginning to turn to winter, an opportunity arose to join 250 other college students to campaign for Dr. Paul in Iowa before the caucuses. Joining in on this experience was fantastic for networking with other liberty loving people my age from all across the nation, and even some joined us from abroad. We went door to door during the day and made calls all evening long. We had called so many in Iowa that we completely saturated the state and moved on to calling future primaries in other states. I was completely out of my comfort zone staying in cabins and having to walk outside to the shower house in Iowa in December, let’s just say that you certainly couldn’t leave the shower house wet or you would instantly become a human popsicle.

After coming home and school resuming, I tried to find time to help the campaign anyway that I could. The Iowa trip proved to be fruitful once Rick Santorum dropped out, which created the opportunity for Ron Paul to officially claim the amount of delegates necessary. As the media chose Mitt Romney to be the candidate and the Paul campaign took the underground route of campaigning to try and claim enough delegates to get him on the official ballot at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida; the shift came to helping other pro-liberty candidates across the country running for other offices. I recently moved to Tampa myself after getting a job here post-graduation. I plan on helping out any delegates that are venturing down here with a free place to stay or any transportation they need on times I have available. I also am excited to attend PaulFest and his speaking engagement at the Sun Dome Sunday the 26th.

The “R3volution” is far from over. With this many motivated, young minds changed by Ron Paul’s pro-liberty message of hope and freedom, the movement will only grow. I truly believe that most Americans fall more into the arena of Ron Paul’s way of thinking than that of Romney or Obama. The “status-quo” has been challenged, and once enough people are known as agreeing with a pro-liberty mindset and it isn’t seen as strange, I think that it will only continue to spread like wildfire. I look forward to that day when there is either a strong third party or when one of the major parties cannot deny the power of the movement and succumb to it. The future has a glimmer of hope, and it is all thanks to the movement created by Ron Paul.

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