Not so long ago, the President released a proposed a deferred action program that would allow young illegal immigrants under the age of thirty the ability to become legal if they had entered the country without permission, graduated from high school with a diploma, and had a clean criminal background.  The government said that nearly 800,000 people would qualify for this, and that for a $500 application fee, they would be entitled to be legal for a period of two years, at which point they would have to go through the process again.

Now, the government is opening up those requirements a little bit more, saying that anybody under the age of thirty without a criminal background can apply, as long as they are enrolling in high school or have a GED at the time they apply.  The government is estimating that nearly 1.5 million illegal immigrants will qualify for this.  Those who qualify will be able to get a work permit, which will allow them to potentially get better paying jobs.  Applications for this program will begin to be accepted from August 15th on.  The government is expecting a giant flush from that date on.

I tend to not follow politics that often, but doesn’t this seem a little strange?  Come to America, get a free education, find a job, and then use the money that you make from being in the country illegally to make you a legal citizen.  This is very opinionated, I know, but from a legal standpoint, doesn’t that offer the exact opposite of the deterrent that the law is supposed to provide.  In fact, doesn’t it seem to offer an incentive for more people to come to the country in hopes of applying for this program?  I am very interested in seeing how many people come forward for this.  What is your take on this?

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