Well it’s no surprise to me at all after over ten years of vaccine research and witnessing my own child go through vaccine injuries, but I am glad people are finally starting to open their eyes and educate themselves via the internet.

Here’s the article

Mainstream media reports only what they want you to see. That is why you have never heard anything about all the other countries who have it together where vaccination is concerned. An Italian court has ruled that the mmr vaccine causes autism …Did you happen to hear about that? I’m guessing no. The good ole media in the US of A doesn’t want you worrying your pretty little heads about silly little things like SIDS, Autism, PANDAS, ADD, ADHD, Grand Mal Seizures, and Mitochondrial Disorder. They don’t want you to know about the Hannah Polings of the world. They would MUCH rather use that airtime to push vaccines and their guilt trip commercials to help fund their fancy lifestyles. For example I’m sure you’ve seen one of the asinine whooping cough commercials. Do you actually know anything about whooping cough, other than the tv said your gonna give it to your baby if you don’t get vaccinated? Here’s the type of thing Im guessing you have probably seen-

Of course most people see this and think they are endangering their children or their family so they rush out to the nearest WalGreens or Walmart or even McDonalds to get vaccinated! (Even though there are studies proving that the adult pertussis vaccine is ineffective…and who knows what all that crap you injected in your body IS actually doing. Hope you aren’t breastfeeding! As all mothers know everything we do while pregnant effects our babies and their health…) Well back to the point, there is a huge whooping cough outbreak going around and of course it is being blamed on the un-vaccinated but get this, the un-vaccinated people aren’t the people getting whooping cough…it’s the ones who ARE vaccinated! …and then they blame it on the un-vaccinated once again. Well riddle me this Mr. Wizard….If you’re vaccinated and you trust that they are 100% effective than there is no possible way that an un- vaccinated person could pass something on to you…right??? Yep that’s what I thought.

There are horror stories ALL over the internet about hpv vaccines and every other vaccine under the sun. Google “gardasil vaccine injuries” Just to be perfectly clear I am in no way anti-vaccine but I do advocate for SAFE NECESSARY GREEN VACCINES. When I was a child I had 10 vaccines. I didn’t know anyone with Autism. My mom had less, my grandma had even less than my mom. We are all healthy. How many vaccines did you have? Did you know any kids that had autism when you were growing up? Well according to the CDC the numbers are now 1 in 88…and its MUCH higher in some areas of the US. The number of vaccines on the schedule for my 10 year old son has 36 vaccines on it. My son is not healthy. My son has Autism, ADHD, & SPD. My son was born perfectly healthy. The rise in Autism and in several other medical issues parallels the rise in the number of vaccines on the schedule.

Obviously the choice is yours (well it is for now anyways.. the government’s doing their very best to take that right away),  but please ask your doctor to see the insert before you or your child gets a vaccination…there is a reason why they don’t just hand out this information…straight  from the FDA website.