It’s no secret that the American mainstream media is corrupted by corporate censorship and control, but there still is some measure of truth to be found, especially with the rise of so many different websites.

The tendency to laugh at and discredit the so-called alternative cancer treatment has been well-documented, and the paradigm has continued because of support from outrageously wealthy drug companies.

Despite all that, the evidence against the current Cancer Industrial Complex in America is becoming too much for even half-asleep Americans to ignore.

Consider the latest exhibit showing the pitfalls of chemotherapy.

A recent article on Yahoo of a study published in Nature Medicine found that chemo can cause damage to healthy cells (duh) which then triggers them to secrete a protein that SUSTAINS tumor growth and resistance to further treatments. Perhaps that’s why cancer always seems to “come back” with a vengeance in patients who underwent chemo even when it seems as if the coast is clear.

U.S. researchers called the finding “completely unexpected” noting that the question of why cancer cells are so resilient inside the human body compared to the lab, where they are quite easy to kill.

The study tested men with prostate cancer and found DNA damage in healthy cells after treatment with chemo.

“WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumor cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy,” said researcher Peter Nelson to AFP.

These findings were confirmed with breast and ovarian cancer tumors as well. 

Perhaps this is why so many people who work with cancer patients say that their patients have a much harder time getting healthy if they’ve had chemo in the past as opposed to those who never were subjected to the radiation treatments.

Between news like this article, the shady practices of cancer foundations, studies showing the efficacy of natural substances such as turmeric and even Amazon rain forest superfruit Graviola, and more, the chinks in the C.I.C’.s armor are beginning to show.

The media once again is not doing its job, however, refusing to publish follow-up stories or to question the proper cancer “authorities” on the issue; to hold their feet to the fire. They don’t care, but the people do, and every time I go to a farmer’s market or health food store I meet another enlightened soul who doesn’t buy the cancer industry chemo hype.

Personally, I know many survivors who were able to regain their health without chemo, and avoiding it likely played a big role in them being able to do so.

With precious little funds available for “alternative” cancer research and a press that seems unable to connect the dots and afraid to ask the tough questions of Big Cancer, it’s up to society to make the change by simply refusing to participate in a corrupt system that values profit more than healing, and has for decades running now.

Nicholas Tomasi is an AP-Award winning journalist and author turned health researcher. He currently runs AltHealthWORKS, a website dedicated to alternative medicine, organic food and the GMO-free movement.