While the status of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign is up in the air, the presidential hopeful and liberty advocate’s supporters are still making their presence felt on the national political scene.

A recent primary race in Michigan showed the power of liberty supporters when Kerry Bentivolio, a newcomer and  reindeer rancher, was able to win the Republican presidential primary in Michigan’s 11th District.

Bentivolio became the only Republican on the ballot after a scandal led to Thaddeus McCotter, a staunch, pro-corporate, standard-issue Republican, dropping out of the race, but he still faced a strong write-in effort from Nancy Cassis, a former state senator. Cassis had tried to paint Bentivolio as a bit of a crazy man of sorts due to his ties to Paul-related issues.

He will now face Democrat Dr. Syed Taj, another unique candidate as an Indian Muslim, in the general election in November.

News of Bentivolio’s primary win has energized much of the pro-Ron Paul fanbase in Michigan. A press release sent via email celebrated the win and thanked supporters for their votes in the race, while also noting the platforms of Mr. Bentivolio.

It has been said that he aligns with Dr. Paul on virtually all of the important issues and that’s why he was so heavily supported by Paul backers and various PACs in this race.

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, the Liberty for All Super PAC, which reportedly has ties to Paul, gave more than $300,000 to Bentivolio’s campaign.

While Taj is a bit of a wild card in the race, estimates are that Bentivolio will need more funds in order to bring home a win this time around, on November 7.  Considering all of the money spent on his candidacy by the Super PAC, it’s safe to say that they view Bentivolio’s campaign as being quite important and a wise use of remaining funds.

Liberty advocates from multiple walks of life have watched multiple heroes in Congress from a variety of parties make a strong difference, whether it’s independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont backing the people against corporations in budget issues, as well as the labeling of GMOs, or Dennis Kucinich standing up against war as a Democrat, or of course Dr. Paul doing the same as a Republican. The parties are part of the problem but just about anyone can be part of the solution, even a reindeer farmer from Michigan who’s never held office before.

While the tea party movement has no doubt been corrupted by dirty money flowing down various high points in Washington, every possible liberty advocate counts and no one should be written off if their intentions are true. We’ll see how Bentivolio fares in a few months.

Nicholas Tomasi is an AP-Award winning journalist and author turned health researcher. He currently runs AltHealthWORKS, a website dedicated to alternative medicine, organic food and the GMO-free movement.