Care packages for U.S. troops, at least from their superiors within the army, may include a new item: an anti-suicide nasal spray developed by researchers at Indiana University.

The spray is now in the trial phase and reportedly going through tests, as written in the Business Insider, but the U.S. Army could use such an item right now (assuming pharmaceuticals really are the answer to our health problems…oh wait, they’re not. But I digress…).

The month of July reportedly saw another major increase in suicides among the military, with the rate reportedly doubling in July according to the aforementioned article. Making matters worse is a June report showing that suicides actually outnumber combat deaths these days, another report that shows the alarming decline of the cognitive health and perhaps consciences of U.S. soldiers.

Prior to the election of Barack Obama, the anti-war movement was much stronger, more outspoken and viable than now, but it seems as if many peace-loving people simply grew weary from campaigning or put their blind faith in the latest corporate-appointed, glorified CEO of the United States to somehow continue the movement past 2008.

Occupy Wall Street sparked the anti-war protests again, but a new movement is needed in the wake of news like this to at least put the microscope back on the destructive, wealth-draining wars that have bankrupted the nation both monetarily and morally.

The new anti-suicide spray’s cost? About three million dollars to develop, according to the Business Insider article. It reportedly works in theory by releasing a hormone that has calming anti-depressant effects.

There are many folks in the natural health movement who believe psychoactive drugs like Prozac actually contribute to violence in various forms because of the way it alters the brain, and while the side effects of this one are still up in there, there will certainly be doubters that this new drug will actually do what it was intended to do.

Also part of the sprays: Nanotechnology, a new development in high tech medicine that is frightening to many in the natural health movement because of privacy and government control issues.

Will the soaring suicide numbers and considerable numbers of troops waking up finally escort us to the end of the “Support the Troops” car ribbon era? Or will people keep blindly supporting wars and drone strikes that are clearly misguided excuses for using massive weapons stockpiles as part of the military industrial complex?

It’s hard to say just how much of a dent a story like this will make but it could well have a positive impact on that front due to the sheer ridiculousness of the concept.

Nicholas Tomasi is an AP-Award winning journalist and author turned health researcher. He currently runs AltHealthWORKS, a website dedicated to organic food and the GMO-free movement.