Yes it’s true, it appears that is owned by a Ron Paul Supporter. I checked for myself and the top of the page is lined with anti Romney pro Paul videos with the following paragraph underneath them-”The biggest threat to American Democracy is the unbridled influence of banks and corporations, who donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns.  The solution is not to overturn the Citizens United decision, or impose restrictions on campaign contributions, but rather limit the power of the Federal Government.  If we reduce the banks’ and corporations’ incentive to donate, we can curtail their influence.  Ron Paul is the only candidate who will return power to each individual State, restrain the Federal Government from further encroachment on Americans’ liberties, and taper the concentration of power that banks and corporations currently lobby to control.”Check out the site below.,_much_like_Mitt_Romney_himself,_is_for_sale/Mitt_Romney_and_Paul_Ryan.html

“This site, much like Mitt Romney himself, is for sale to the highest bidder. ”

You have to admit the owner of this site is pretty clever! What an entrepreneur. I’ll be curious to hear the end of this story!

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