On Sunday, Congressman Todd Akin said somethings that startled American’s from the East to the West coast, including members of his own party.  When questioned about whether abortion should be allowed for women in the case of pregnancy resulting from rape, he responded:

It seems to me first of all from what I understand from doctors that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has      ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

He is a six-term Congressman, supporting the anti-abortion agenda of his party, and has since apologized on numerous occasions claiming that he is not the first, or the last, politician to put their foot in their mouth.  Maybe, if it wasn’t so close to an upcoming election, members of his own party wouldn’t ask for his immediate resignation from the upcoming election.  But, even Mitt Romney has asked that he step down because of his comments.  Others in the Republican party have followed suit.  They have asked him to put the best interests of the party first, and allow someone else to run for Congressman: but even clouded by the air of the scandal Akin has said he’s going to remain firm and continue down this path.

Akin’s claim, of course, has no scientific backing supporting it, making it not only emotionally heartless, but also incorrect.  But, the question prosed is this: should there be more forgiveness in Washington?  One would have to understand, that based upon this man’s comments, that he is not the only one with the belief (check out my other blog on how others in the Republican Party are connected).  ”From what I understand” insinuates that this information did not just appear in the midst of a press release, but was the subject of investigation or discussion prior to that date.  One thing’s for sure, it has definitely cost the Republican party more votes.  But, is it a worthy reason to destroy a man’s life and political career?  Sometimes doing what your told isn’t the smart thing to do, and Akin’s method follows this ideology.  ’I'm sorry, can we move forward now?’  Not only this, but I am sure he got a good chewing out from his wife.

As Akin stated, he is not the first or the last, to make a campaign blunder.  For instance, Former President Clinton used the Presidential pardon to get his brother off the hook for the possession of cocaine.  He also pardoned a man who was wanted for severe tax evasion – Marc Rich.  Ironically, Rich’s wife had contributed a great sum of money to the Democratic party.  Clinton’s own reasoning was that it was not a true ‘criminal’ act.  Wow, save me from my next parking ticket.

Is there room for compassion, understanding, and most importantly, forgiveness in Washington?  I believe that it depends on the people.  I would say that, from my perspective in life, people are generally there to help you through the tough times in life.  Akin is facing massive retaliation for one sentence that he said without thinking through, or maybe for just repeating something one of his party members had said before?  The truth of the situation is found in repentance.  Did he change his mind and say abortion was permissive in cases of rape?


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