Today (08/22/2012) in Denver, the city council voted unanimously to ban all outdoor signs by people who approve of medicinal marijuana, they were also supported by a group which represent many of the city’s licensed dispensary owners.

Some residents complained that medical marijuana ads were annoying and the local media is filled with photos of sidewalk signs in heavy trafficked areas, as well as billboards that support dispensaries. Also, fliers are being left on car windshields, and sign-holders on the corners asking for discounts on high quality plants.

The Medical Marijuana Industry Group supported the ban, which means more than 50 businesses in Colorado. Executive director Mike Elliott told The Denver Post shortly after the council passed the ad ban.“We believe it finds the right balance between protecting the interests of both the city and the medical-marijuana community,”

Sign-holders are being banned because they are annoying? Since when laws work based on the level of annoyance? They are fighting their freedom to express their concern, an they are doing so in a very calm manner. There is no violence reported so far, why can’t they hold their signs in peace?

Councilman Paul Lopez said that unregulated advertising are “making this industry look bad,” -Or is it a violation of freedom of speech? The council also said that the ban will not affect participation in public events, such as political events supporting the legalization of marijuana. Votes on this matter will take place in November.

“Unfortunately, because of [a] handful [of] business owners using aggressive tactics, the entire industry in Denver has to deal with the consequences,” a post on the Cannabis Business Alliance website lamented. The word aggressive is being loosely used here, since the signage is being done in a calm manner.

It is worth mentioning that the ban does not affect print or online advertising.

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