The Republican National Convention in Tampa has been delayed due to Tropical Storm Isaac, but there’s already plenty of drama unfolding according to The Daily Paul, a fans site of the GOP libertarian, Constitution-backing candidate.

Tweets re-post in an article by the website have shed light on an intriguing possible subplot involving pro-Ron Paul delegates in Tampa that deserves a good look from the local and national media (but probably won’t receive it).

According to the website and the Tweets, marijuana has been “planted in MULTIPLE delegation hotel safes inside the rooms of some Delegates…”

It sounds a little too strange to be true, unless you’ve been following the election news so far on the Republican campaign circuit.

Ron Paul supporters have claimed shabby treatment and multiple rules violations by Republican Party officials and supporters at various stops across the country.

Coupled with the media’s near-ignorance of the Paul platform despite several energetic, massive rallies at locations across the United States, his strong early polling numbers, and huge numbers of military donations, it’s safe to say that there has been a concerted effort from the top down of the Republican Party to minimize and discredit Paul’s millions of supporters from the get-go.

If the weed-planting accusations are true in regards to the Republican Convention in Tampa, it’s something that’s hardly surprising considering what has unfolded so far.

The goal of The Daily Paul in passing on these Tweets is to shed light on what could be another phase in that plan before news of possible weed-related fines or arrests could potentially occur.

Here is what has been recommended for people attending the convention via another Tweet:

“URGENT REPORT TO DELEGATES: Weed has been planted in MULTIPLE delegation hotel safes inside the rooms of some Ron Paul Delegates. Request a hotel security staff member to open your safe upon check-in and DO NOT leave any of your belongings unattended at any time. Just in…this has now been confirmed by 2 delegates. Please make this VIRAL!”

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised to see negative news about the Paul supporters coming out of Tampa, as they have by far the most energetic supporters and are likely to make their presence felt in a strong way, much to the disdain of the establishment media and party big-shots.

With that said, it’s important to take all news coming out of Tampa in regards to the Paul (and Romney for that matter) situations with a massive grain of salt, and to keep checking in with the “alternative” media to get the real scoop.

Nicholas Tomasi is an AP-Award winning journalist and author turned health researcher. He currently runs AltHealthWORKS, a website dedicated to organic food and the GMO-free movement. (edit)