It’s revealing of a man’s character when he commits awful crimes and never shows repentance. Consider the lawsuit filed by Florida inmate Eric Harris, who alleges that soy based products are “cruel and unusual punishment”, as defined by the United States Constitution. The man was convicted of sexual battery on a child, and instead of being remorseful for his actions, lashes out for something that he’s not even paying for. As mom would say, “there are children starving in other countries.”

Eric Harris, Florida Inmate Convicted of Sexual Crimes Against a Child, Sues for Cruel and Unusual Diet.

I guess what I would rather see in our justice system, is the innovation displayed by several individuals who took their situations and made the best of it – learned from the situation and moved on with their lives. The Huffington post recently showcased an article on 8 culinary creations that inmates had devised during their incarceration. My personal favorite: the Bomb Chino.

“I made a burrito or Bomb Chino as I call them. You mix one individual serving of crushed corn chips, one crushed noodle soup, one crushed bag of BBQ potato chips together in a plastic bag – thourghly combine these fine gourmet items then add one to 1 1/2 cups of hot water to the bag, mix throughly, evenly and seal the bag wrapping in a towel or a month old newspaper. Let sit for 15 to 30 minutes unless you’re starving. Empty the contents into a paper plate, paper bag, or anything somewhat clean. Eat with a fairly clean plastic spoon. It’s a delight in convict cuisine. Add spices, meats, vegetables as available to suit your own tastes!”

This is what I picture a form of justice to look like. A difficult situation, that you learn to live with. Take responsibility for your actions, and still come out on top. I would take all of these culinary creations as a step in the right direction. I don’t believe that any person is inadvertently evil, but I do strongly believe in the ability of justice to be used as rehabilitation.